Lost Ark South Fern: Hidden Quest and Yuna’s Quest

Lost Ark South Fern: Hidden Quest and Yuna’s Quest

Want to know more about the Lost Ark of the Southern Ark? The MMO game is open for exploration, and while Smilegate may have delayed some events in the New World, there’s still a lot to do. South Vern introduces a brand new storyline, as well as several new Una missions, two separate post-campaign stories, new NPCs and rewards, hidden missions, and more.

Some of these activities are intertwined and have vague prerequisites, although they all offer excellent rewards for players who manage to complete them.arrive Lost Ark South Fern There may be a wait, though, depending on how hard you work on item-level sanding. The level requirements to trigger the initial quest are pretty high, so if you want to improve your character, check out our Lost Ark level guide.

You may want to complete some free Ark Pass quests to get the honing materials needed for higher item levels. It’s probably easier and more rewarding than challenging the only Chaos dungeon added in this latest update. Here’s everything you need to get started in Lost Ark South Fern,

How to unlock South Fern in Lost Ark

You won’t be able to sail to South Fern without meeting some steep requirements beforehand. As with all Lost Ark endgame content, you need to be level 50. you also need Complete the North Fern and Punica questlines and have a Item level is at least 1,340. If you haven’t completed the quest, be sure to complete Guardians of the Lost Ark and Abyssal Raid to get better drops or enough materials to upgrade your gear.

If you’re playing before June 30, don’t be tempted by the new Super Express missions, at least not for your protagonist. These boost your character to Item Level 1,000 and are primarily used to level up alternate characters without using the Power Pass.

Once these requirements are met, open your quests menu in the Guides tab. You should see a file called “South Wayne. Accept it, then head back to the Magical Guild at Fern Castle to begin the process and take you to South Fern. There’s a lot more to do here than the main questline, but one of the new quests that opens up after you complete South Vern’s main story has a confusing prerequisite. Neria provides tasks’into chaos‘ After completing the last South Vern mission, but only if you also completed the Isteri Island main quest.

How to unlock the lost ARk South Vern Una quest

South Vern includes three new Una missions, each with a set of unlock requirements.

South Vern Una Mission 1: Unfinished Journey (Daily)

  • Prerequisite Quests: Hagrid’s Daughter, Lily, and Lily Meaning (all in the southwest of Woodville Village
  • Notable Rewards: Masterpiece 50, rewarded after completing 31 missions

South Vern Una Mission 2: From North to South | From South to North | The Rivers Flowing Through Luganic (Daily)

  • Prerequisite Quest: Ealyn’s Call (Fern’s Castle, after completing Chaos Invasion). This unlocks from north to south, and then the other two in turn.
  • Important Rewards: Rare Pack (after 6 days), Epic Pack (after 15 days)

South Vern Una Mission 3: Feel the new magic!

  • Prerequisite Quest: Investigate the Icon of Candaria (unlocked after completing Ilyin’s Call)
  • Notable Reward: Secret Map (after 15 days)

Lost Ark South Fern Hidden Quests and Rewards

The main questline in South Vern is only part of the experience. You can complete four hidden quests to get some card packs, two of which are linked to the “Another Story” quest chain in the New World.

South Vern Hidden Mission 1: Falling Black Leaves

  • Prerequisite Quest: Serious Search (Northwest Wisnell Village)
    Location: Southwest Collapse Ancient Ruins (interact with dead Bragi’s body)
  • Reward: 1 Legendary Rare Pack

South Vern Hidden Quest 2: Catch mice, squeak!

  • Prerequisite Quest: Chaos Invasion (Main Quest)
    Location: Southeast Bailing Site
  • Reward: 1 Rare Card Pack

South Vern Hidden Quest 3: Lost and Found

  • Prerequisite Quests: Complete the South Vern main quest, Lost Goblin (South Wishnel Village) and The Kidnapped (East Collapsed Ruins). This is also the first mission in Another Story 1 of South Vern.
  • Location: Sylania Village (interact with the pack between the Fountain and the Adventurer’s Guild)
  • Rewards: Sunshine Grace, Honor Leap Stone (Binding)

South Vern Hidden Quest 4: The Stopping Hourglass Is Right…

The fourth hidden quest is part of South Vern’s “Another Story 2,” a time-gated questline that takes five days to fully complete.

  • Prerequisite quests: Look up to the moon in the sky (the third day of the end) and the Lonely Man (Kron Harbor, given by the dog)
  • Location: Port Crona (building behind Dog)
  • Rewards: Leap of Honor Stone (bound), Sun Blessing, Sun Protection, Leap of Honor Stone (bound)

Chaos Line Weekly Dungeons

The April update added a new weekly dungeon, Chaos Line, but you’re better off spending your time elsewhere, at least for now. The Chaos Line is available from the Chaos Vendor after completing the main story in South Vern. While the dungeons reward you with plenty of grinding materials, most of the rewards are designed to grind your character up to item level 1,370.

The Chaos Line event requires players to have a level 1,370 character, so the materials may not be worth the trouble – especially since dungeons can only be completed once a week, per roster. You have a small chance of getting the Almighty Star, which is used to get the big skill point potion, by defeating the boss of the dungeon, but it’s completely random.

Upcoming Lost Ark South Fern Content

Smilegate delayed much of South Vern after running into development issues.Upcoming content includes Vartan Legion Assault and New Guardian Raid, although there is no firm release date yet. When these raids start, you need to be around item level 1,415 to start them.

That’s all you need to browse Lost Ark South Vern content. If you’re currently leveling up Paladins, we highly recommend you use our best Lost Ark Paladin builds to create the best characters in PvP and PvE combat. Paladin is one of the best Lost Ark classes – check out our guide to see how the other classes stack up against each other.

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