Mason Greenwood removed from FIFA 22 after arrest on rape charges

Mason Greenwood removed from FIFA 22 after arrest on rape charges

Mason Greenwood removed from FIFA 22 after arrest on rape charges

Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood was arrested by Greater Manchester Police after he was accused of rape and assault by a woman on Instagram over the weekend. Greenwood was re-arrested today on suspicion of sexual assault and threats to kill, police said a magistrate had granted his detention to be extended until Wednesday, the BBC reported.

Manchester United have said Greenwood will not play for the club until further notice, and now developer EA has released a statement announcing that the player has been removed from FIFA 22. Greenwood will no longer appear in the active squad and has been removed from FIFA Ultimate Team and the Ultimate Draft. However, any pre-existing saves the player has in career mode will remain (though he can no longer be picked), and his Ultimate Team card will still be on the market.

The latter point is an unfortunate aspect of these removals, as recent history suggests it doesn’t lead to anything but crude market speculation: Greenwood’s cards are now more “rare” than they were when he was in the game. EA could fix the prices of FUT items to prevent this, although it hasn’t done so in this case – when player Emiliano Sala was killed in a plane crash, the publisher fixed the prices of items associated with him to prevent this. situation occurs. But apparently it’s an ongoing problem: Player Benjamin Mendy was also removed from FIFA 22 last year over rape allegations, but the FUT card with his likeness remains.

Real-world sports and their video game equivalents are now almost completely intertwined, and fans expect FIFA 22 to be influenced by what’s happening in the world of football and mirror them. Overall, this is a positive for the video game’s connection to real sports, but it also puts EA in a position where it must make a judgment call when such serious allegations occur.

In another instance, Marco van Basten was removed from FIFA 20 as a FUT icon after using the word “sieg heil” in a sports broadcast. He later apologised and said his intention was to laugh at his friend the bad German, and returned in FIFA 21. Former Arsenal and Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has been silently removed from FIFA 21 after being shown previously. Rumour has it that he was removed because of some dubious coronavirus views.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman told the BBC that the Greenwood case was being investigated and a woman was “providing expert support”.

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