Massive Apex Legends leak reveals nine new characters

Massive Apex Legends leak reveals nine new characters

Massive Apex Legends leak reveals nine new characters

As reported by Eurogamer, the massive leak of Apex Legends revealed nine new characters, new maps, weapons, and more, including months and even years of future Apex content. The leak, uploaded to the subreddit ApexUncovered from a one-off account, includes a folder with 15 unreleased gameplay videos and a slew of text files detailing what’s to come.

The original download has now been deleted, but the files continue to be shared on social media, with many users breaking down the details contained in the leak. This leak may be the largest in Apex history, revealing nine seasons worth of unannounced saga in just one of 15 leaked videos.

The nine new Legends shown in one of the leaked videos all appear to be in development, and each already has a full set of abilities. The new characters are called Behaviour, Diviner, Caliber, Joker, Phantom, Vantage, Ascendant, Newcastle and Catalyst, and users on ApexUncovered have broken down their playstyles and abilities under the original thread. Users have speculated that Newcastle could be the next character ready for release, as their outfit appears to be the most complete at the moment.

Other leaks include two new arena maps, one nearing completion, another still in the early greybox stage, and a third new map called Divided Moon. The leaked video also features new weapons and heirlooms, as well as a new emote for Ash and another for the unreleased character Newcastle.

Respawn has yet to comment on the leak, although there is no doubt that the leaked video is legitimate. It appears that the amount of content lined up for the free online service game supports Respawn’s recent comments that it is committed to updating Apex in the future. Apex Legends is currently in the middle of season 12, Defiance. receive a commission from retail offers.

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