Meet the factions of ELEX II – Outlaws and Skyands


Meet the factions of ELEX II – Outlaws and Skyands


Piranha Bytes’ sprawling ELEX sci-fi fantasy world is back in ELEX II, a follow-up to the original cult hit. From the creators of Gothic and Risen, a new chapter in Magalan’s massive open world is filled with hundreds of quests to keep you hooked.

You don’t need to have played ELEX to dive into the sequel, but the story continues with familiar protagonist Jax, who is now looking for his son. Magalan’s vast wasteland is completely open to him, with no set path to follow, allowing players to choose which of more than 300 missions to undertake next. In addition to scouring around for his absent descendants, Jax is also tasked with a difficult diplomatic mission to deal with an alien invasion.

Seemingly nearly invincible, these powerful newcomers use their corrupt ELEX form to become omnipotent, so Jax must unite his home country’s warring factions to fight the looming alien threat. How he does this is up to the player, whether it’s through mild diplomacy or aggressive gunfights, though there may be plenty of jetpacks involved.

No matter which path Jax takes, his actions and decisions will have consequences. Each faction of the game will keep an eye on what he does, making judgments and alerting their leaders. This can work in his favor or bite him in reverse – especially given the temper and territory displayed by these tribes. To help you choose a faction for Jax and get the most out of the game, we’ve rounded up the key things you need to know about each faction. This time we take a look at the game’s two wildcards, Outlaws and Skyands.

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When the ELEX-carrying meteor first struck Magallan, the outlaws were a sporadic few survivors. Unable to fit within the confines of other factions and their grand plans, the outlaws became a loose gang of rogues traversing the wasteland in search of food, shelter, and the promise of a good fight. After seeing the benefits of taking ELEX as a drug, Outlaws started producing stimulants that quickly got them addicted.

If it weren’t for their independence, they would have no solidarity, depend on no one and take whatever they need – whatever it takes. Outlaws are quickly respected among others, but must be the strongest in every battle. Other than that, the faction has no goals, morals, or desires. They survive, get high and get as much property as possible before others inevitably murder them to take it all away.

While a miserable life for some, the life of an outlaw has its benefits. There is a certain degree of freedom in answering anyone, and the stimuli at your disposal can be powerful tools for Magallan survival. Be prepared to fight if supplies run low. They’re unlikely to help with any grand plans and certainly don’t care about incoming alien invaders, but they might just show you how to get some top ELEX when the going gets tough.

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As the new alien threat to the Magalan, the Skyands are a ruthless and powerful invader. According to the locals, they came from nowhere and spread rapidly, all over the place. Despite their human appearance, these mysterious colonists were heavily armored and stronger than anyone known to man.

The Skyands are powered by a new, darker form of ELEX that corrupts them and their entire planet. No one knows who or what they were before, only that they will do whatever it takes to spread the effects of Dark ELEX. Huge organic structures called “Formers” are used to infect plants, animals and humans – a disease that is often fatal, but worse if the victim survives. After a brutal transformation, they become the sky and themselves, joining forces to overthrow the Magallan faction and bring another world under the influence of the dark ELEX.

They are very powerful, a race of ruthless strategists and warriors. While they certainly have weaknesses, none of them have been addressed, and the threat is growing day by day. The other factions of the Magalan don’t understand their motives, morals or culture, it’s just that they will do whatever it takes to change the entire planet in their image. This is a faction Jax cannot join, and as a human it is his duty to drive away the savage invaders.

No matter how you take out your enemies, no matter which faction you align with, there’s plenty to explore in ELEX II. Any problem the game throws at you can be solved in multiple ways, and each mission can be played in any order. Meet the colorful characters and invading Skyands that inhabit the Magalan in ELEX II on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, available now.

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