MMO New World April update adds hotkeys for targeted therapy

MMO New World April update adds hotkeys for targeted therapy


Being a healer for a team is a tough job, as it’s crucial to recharge the right damage dealer at the right time, which can be tricky in the heat of battle. Amazon’s MMORPG New World just made this easier with its April update, which added new hotkeys to the target healing system, so you’ll always be tinkering with the right comrade.

The April Update is now available, and it adds a whole host of new quality-of-life enhancements. Bow combat has been enhanced, for example by removing input buffering when you come out of the scope – which should reduce those accidental hip shots.

Perhaps the best addition, however, are assignable hotkeys for live crew combat. You can now assign each member of your party a hotkey to heal them while using the Life Staff. As you can imagine, this will certainly make healing missions easier in particularly frantic fights, and you can find new keybinding options under the “Keybindings” tab in the settings – they’re located in the dedicated Used in the section on Life Staff combat.

Another great opportunity in the April update makes it easier to find your way around town. When you now enter a settlement, your map will automatically zoom in on that settlement instead of keeping the default zoom out view.

If you’ve been building with blunderbuss based on the Refreshing Move perk, you’re going to have to go back to the drawing board. Amazon Gaming says the perk reduces the active weapon cooldown by a certain amount for each projectile attached to the target, and the perk is overpowered. It has been removed from faction-issued cannons as well as Troublemaker and Troublemaker 9000, and has been replaced by a refresh. Pirate’s Pieces (T5) has replaced the Refreshing Move with the Vicious perk.

The official patch notes contain all the details for the April update, which weighs 6.9GB on Steam. According to the New World 2022 roadmap, we have barnacle and black powder expeditions, expedition discoverers, and special summer events to look forward to in the near future.

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