Monster Hunter Rise's first expansion is coming this summer

Monster Hunter Rise’s first expansion is coming this summer

Monster Hunter Rise’s first expansion is coming this summer


Capcom has finally revealed the full details of Sunbreak, the upcoming “massive expansion” of Monster Hunter Rise.

A live demo digs into all the wonderful details of the new monster, a new center for hanging hats and a new story to delve into. Sunbreak will take place after the Rampage questline in the base game, so you’ll need to complete the 7-star central quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder first.

There will be a bunch of new beasts to defeat, like the return of Astalos and a new variant of the terrifying flying monkey Bishaten called the blood orange Bishaten. There are also three lords, an almighty trio of legendary monsters. There are werewolf-like Lunagaron, Dracula inspired Mlzeno and Garangolm, he seems to be inspired by golem. They look equally powerful, and they’re a lot of fun.

The new hub Elgado Outpost comes with new NPCs, quest givers and all the usual gubbins to go out and do your monster hunting business. Capcom calls it a “prosperous port city with a lot of trade”, with a stunning ocean backdrop. Quests from here will send hunters to the castle, which will have a variety of biomes “from lush forests to icy mountains.” It has some nice Nier Automata-style post-apocalyptic vibes, some of which are more akin to Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion.

The DLC costs $39.99/£32.99 and is set to release on June 30, along with a 13 GB patch that will need to be downloaded whether you choose Sunbreak or not. While Monster Hunter Rise has been playing on Switch for a year, PC players only have a few months to explore the village of Kamura and its surroundings. Rich gave the game a 90 in our Monster Hunter Rise review, calling it “arguably the greatest entry in Capcom’s flagship series, and one that never stops giving.”

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