Mouse RPG Ghost of a Tale may have a sequel

Mouse RPG Ghost of a Tale may have a sequel

If the teasing from game creators and Twitter pages are real, Red Wall encounters the ghost of the Legend of Zelda action role-playing game may get a sequel. If the teasing is for a new game, then Ghost of a Tale 2 should be released in 2022-and may even be released.

The original Ghost of a Tale was released in 2018, and we describe it as “the rodent fairy tale version of Metal Gear Solid.” Of course there are more, because the game is influenced by games like Zelda, Fables, and of course Brian Jacques’s Red Wall series. It currently has received more than 3,000 reviews of “very positive” reviews on Steam, which is impressive considering that “90%” of it is the work of a single developer.

The developer is Lionel’Seith’ Gallat, who also works at DreamWorks, making animated films such as “Despicable Me” and “Lorax”-now seems to be making fun of “Ghost Story 2”, or at least for fans “Prepare” things.

First, the official game Twitter feed released “Happy New Ears” and a screenshot. The quality of the screenshot is much higher than anything in Ghost of a Tale. There is a shadow of mouse ears at the bottom-which shows that the comment is more than just It’s a mouse pun. Seith reposted the photo and promised that they “prepared something for fans of Ghost Story in 2022.” It may be just a remake, but after four years, fans will be disappointed in anything except the sequel.

Oh my goodness, do we have something to prepare? #GhostOfAtale Fans in 2022… 🐭

-Seth (@SeithCG) December 31, 2021

We will have to wait to find the answer, but it might be worth checking out some other great games like Zelda on the PC while we wait. On the other hand, for another action role-playing game featuring a large number of rodents, the sequel of “Plague Tale: Innocence” will also be released in 2022.

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