New Minecraft snapshot adds more cool music

New Minecraft snapshot adds more cool music


Good news, gangs: The latest Minecraft snapshot adds more incredible music to the chill building game. Minecraft is mostly about creating incredible things, like solving the FFXIV housing crisis or this impressively functional keyboard. While it’s different things to different people, almost all of us agree that music is always sublime.

The latest Minecraft snapshot, basically Mojang’s way of showing us the future, brings some cool changes, but the most exciting has to be new music From Lena Lane. For those who don’t remember the name, Lena Raine is the powerful composer behind the soundtracks for games like Celeste and Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

Ryan explained Twitter They wanted “to focus more on the fusion of musical styles between synths and live instruments, with sounds inspired by mallet percussion, with strings, piano and woodwinds in places.” Inclusion of natural sounds is the core of Minecraft, so it makes sense that the music you can hear here reflects that.

If you’re somehow not in the camp excited about this, you’ll be happy to know that there’s something else in snapshot 22W16B (aka 22W16A), but they had to release a new version to fix the crash in the original. Regardless, Minecraft Allay fans will be happy to know that Mojang is giving the cute mobs 100% more health and a few other buffs like movement speed while collecting items.

Good morning! ! I’ve got 3 new Wild Update tracks jumping into the latest Minecraft snapshot, and the EP is on YouTube and Spotify!More streaming services are on the way, awaiting release


— Lena ⭐ Ryan (@kuraine) April 20, 2022

Mojang also changed some “random events” to make them more predictable, including the position and speed of dropper and dispenser items, and the speed of horses spawned from skeleton traps.

Have you heard the latest news about Jason Mamoa and Minecraft outside of this update? It’s a sentence we never thought we’d write. For all you need to know about Minecraft movie release dates, check out this guide from our sister site, The Digital Fix.

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