New World content roadmap outlines new endgame areas, weapons and more later this year

New World content roadmap outlines new endgame areas, weapons and more later this year

New World content roadmap outlines new endgame areas, weapons and more later this year

Amazon Games has outlined a content roadmap for its new MMORPG world, which includes a major new area, greatsword weapons, additional exploration, and a long list of changes designed to further reduce player friction.

These announcements are part of the latest New Worlds Developer Update, where members of the New Worlds team will get an in-depth look at the game’s upcoming March Update and future plans.

Chief among these future plans is the addition of a new desert-themed endgame area called Brimstone Sands. The area will also introduce a new Roman-style faction and a new endgame expedition, Nine. All of this will come this fall with the new Greatsword weapon.

This summer will see a new pirate-themed expedition, barnacles and black powder, and an expedition team looking for tools. There will also be a big gaming summer event, although Amazon hasn’t elaborated on specifics.

Most of the latest developer updates are dedicated to changes that the team is currently working on to further reduce player friction, and previous developer updates have also touched on this. In addition to existing changes such as reducing fast travel costs and in-game taxes, further changes in the March update will include the ability for players to view and manage their inventory while on the move, register wars and invasions from the map (without having to go in person) location of war or invasion), and the ability to sell the home back.

Perhaps the two biggest changes are storage and ammo for ranged weapons. Stores in the game’s various towns can now be moved between towns for free without coin costs or faction requirements. This is the first step in a more global storage system that Amazon describes as an MMO. The March update will also include major changes for players who prefer ranged weapons – having to craft or buy lots of ammo is now a thing of the past. All ranged weapons, such as bows, muskets, and the upcoming musketeer weapons, will soon have an unlimited supply of tier 2 ammo. In addition to these quality-of-life changes, as part of the March update, there’s a new, previously undisclosed feature – the 3v3 PvP Arena, with its own PvP bonus track.

While they won’t appear in the March update, additional changes are being made to salvage to make it more valuable, as well as changing regional status bonuses and the ability for players to reselect buffs within those regions. Many realm bonuses, such as experience gained in realms, are completely useless at max level, so this seems like a step towards remedying the situation.

According to Amazon, cross-regional server transfers are coming “very soon”, and the Double XP weekend is designed to help players get back into the game at the highest level. This double XP buff will also extend to weapon XP, allowing players who have already reached the highest player level to upgrade additional weapons, such as large shotguns.

Amazon recently announced that it will not continue to reduce the number of players in the game’s 50v50 war mode, citing player feedback. New World’s March update is currently being tested in the game’s public beta area and is expected to make its way to the game’s official version soon. receive a commission from retail offers.

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