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Nvidia GTX 780 Ti: What can we expect to see?

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti: What can we expect to see?


Nvidia announced that they wanted to spoil the AMD party by dropping a bomb on the media gathered in Montreal last week: the GeForce GTX 780 Ti. If the rumors are true, and the upcoming AMD Radeon R9-290X can beat the GTX Titan in stand-up games, then Nvidia will need some form of fightback. But what exactly?

AMD has repeatedly assured the public that the new Radeon R9-290X will be released this month, not far from October. This is coming soon and I don’t think the new GTX 780 Ti will be far behind.

Rumors and leaked benchmarks circulating on the internet put the R9-290X’s new Hawaiian GPU at roughly the same level of performance as the GTX Titan, the darling of the super-enthusiast graphics card crowd. This has been the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the world to date, and Nvidia must have taken its high-end graphics card very seriously. The GTX 780 Ti has to have some serious performance to stand out.

So what can we expect to see from Nvidia’s new cards? Well, the obvious thing is to take the GK 110 GPU from the Titan, increase its core clock speed, and give it a new badge. It has to come in at the same or lower price as the existing GTX 780 to have a chance against the Radeon R9-290X’s touted $600-plus price tag. This makes the use of top-of-the-line chips unlikely.

Still, there’s a slight gap between the 780 and the Titan, with 12 SMX units using about 14 in the higher spec card. Then the GTX 780 Ti can use 13 healthy SMX units and about 2,496 CUDA cores.

Likewise, Nvidia could boost the clocks above the relatively conservative GTX Titan’s 836MHz base clock speed and take its place in the gaming performance stakes.

I also wish Nvidia would put more effort into memory capacity as well. The GTX 780’s 3GB won’t be as good on the road to 4K gaming as the GTX Titan’s 6GB. I suspect they’ll always implement a 6GB framebuffer, but 4GB wouldn’t be impossible, would it?

With all the noise Nvidia has been making about 4K lately, with its BattleBox promotions, etc., they need to put their hardware where their mouths are. After all the recent rebranding activity, I’m looking forward to really talking about new cards and new GPUs to make a change, and I think it won’t be long before we know who’s going to take the number one spot for Christmas GPUs.

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