Nvidia's next-gen GPUs appear in HWiNFO's release notes

Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs appear in HWiNFO’s release notes

Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs appear in HWiNFO’s release notes


The upcoming beta release of the popular PC monitoring tool HWiNFO has released some exciting updates on Nvidia’s future GPUs (thanks Tom’s Hardware). The build release notes for HWiNFO version 7.21 Build 4725 add support for Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace GPUs and a pair of GPUs under Nvidia’s new Hopper architecture, which was just announced on Tuesday, and even something codenamed Blackwell.

The release notes list the five Ada Lovelace GPUs most likely to form the RTX 40 series with the AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, and AD107. We recently learned that these GPUs will have significantly higher shader counts than the current RTX 30 series. For example, the AD 102 is rumored to have almost double the CUDA cores of the yet-to-be-released and very expensive RTX 3090 Ti.

The other GPUs mentioned are GH100, GH202, GB100 and GB102. We’ve learned a bit about the H100 since Nvidia revealed about the super chip during the GTC event. This enterprise-class GPU performance will soar past the current flagship A100 super chip. This increase in specification is expected to accelerate various tasks in a wide range of fields, from disease diagnosis, quantum simulation, graph analysis, and routing optimization.

We don’t know much about the GH202, but if it’s part of Grace Hopper’s datacenter architecture, it could be a more powerful AI layer and a datacenter-focused GPU. Nvidia plans to release Hopper Superchips next year.

(Image credit: HWiNFO)

The GB100 and GB102 are likely to be Blackwell GPUs, whose codenames we only learned about in leaks recently, and are far from a release window. They could be Nvidia’s new line of GPUs, or even a successor to Lovelace. We know that whatever it is, HWiNFO will now support it.

Now that HWiNFO will be able to recognize these GPUs, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more details like performance and specs in the next few months.

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