Oscar-hating director It Takes Two is helping make it into a movie

Oscar-hating director It Takes Two is helping make it into a movie

Oscar-hating director It Takes Two is helping make it into a movie

Hazelight Studios founder Josef Fares has become a legend among gamers for his tirade at The Game Awards 2017. He extols the virtues of Geoff Keighley’s annual gala, shouting into the camera – I quote – “Fuck the Oscars! Fuck the Oscars! Fuck you!” His point was that the video game industry doesn’t need to It’s reasonable to be content with playing Hollywood’s second fiddle, but at his suggestion – and I quote again – “Oscar should screw himself up”, it largely loses its meaning.

I bring up this glorious moment in gaming history so we can all properly appreciate Hazelight’s hit co-op adventure It Takes Two, which took the Game of the Year crown at The Game Awards 2021 and is being adapted into a film and TV show.According to Variety, Hazelight is working with production company dj2 Entertainment on the adaptation

“Creating the world and story in ‘​​It Takes Two’ was a lot of fun for me and the team,” Fares said. “Because it has a strong narrative with lots of crazy characters and crazy cooperative action moments, the potential for it to be adapted for film or TV is huge.”

“dj2 is proud to work with Josef, Oskar [Hazelight studio manager Oskar Wolontis], and the incredible team at Hazelight Studios in the linear media adaptation of It Takes Two,” said Dmitri M. Johnson, CEO and founder of dj2. “Like the rest of the gaming world, we’re totally in love with Cody. , May, Rose, Dr. Hakim and Hazelight, and can’t wait to bring these characters and this world to life on the big and small screens. “

It’s interesting that someone who expresses such blasphemous, excited disdain for movie awards shows is now involved in making movies, although in all fairness I think it’s worth noting again that Farez’s problem is actually the video game industry, not the movie industry . It Takes Two also seems like a good choice for a linear narrative translation – I might find 90 minutes of fun in The Book That Screams and the antics of his hapless victims, with no gameplay at all.

All this is still far from being realized. At the time of its report, Variety said the project had no affiliated studios or networks, but sources told the site multiple parties were bidding. It Takes Two is one of many game-based projects that dj2 has signed on: it has also completed deals to produce shows based on The Vampire, My Friend Pedro, Life is Strange, Happy A Few, Disco Elysium and, more recently, independent films and TV shows. Games Sable, Night Call and Mosaic.

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