Overcooked and Going Under Developers Revolt against Publisher Team17's NFT Plan

Overcooked and Going Under Developers Revolt against Publisher Team17’s NFT Plan

Overcooked and Going Under Developers Revolt against Publisher Team17’s NFT Plan


On January 31st, Team17 announced its worm NFT. For Team17’s partnership with Reality Gaming Group, many fans reacted with disappointment and even disgust. Even though businesses claim that these products will be “low energy”, it still helps the wider crypto ecosystem, and honestly, these NFTs are kind of ugly, right? But as it turns out, no one is more frustrated than some of Team17’s developers.

Team17 is not only responsible for developing the Worms franchise, but also publishing a slew of other indie games. This includes games such as Overcooked and Going Under, developed by Ghost Town Games and Aggro Crab Games respectively. With the release of the Worms NFT series, the two studios came out against Team17’s decision to partner with cryptocurrency and assured their players that they didn’t want to be involved.

Ghost Town Games said in a statement on Twitter: “Hey. We at Ghost Town Games just wanted to assure everyone that Overcooked (and any of our future games) will never be involved in NFTs. We do not support NFTs. We” think they took on too much large environmental and social costs. We also want people to be kind when expressing their concerns to the friendly community manager. “

On the other hand, Aggro Crab Games has also issued a statement with a stronger view of their views on NFTs. It says *ahem*: “We Aggro Crab condemn Team17’s decision to produce and participate in NFTs. We don’t think NFTs can be environmentally friendly or useful and are really just a whole fucking scam. Please don’t harass Team 17 staff or developers Under their umbrella, because the decision seemed to catch everyone off guard, and likely came from the top.

“Needless to say, we won’t be working with them on future games and encourage other indie developers to do the same, unless this decision is overturned. I fucking hate it here. – Nick and Kellan.”

It’s unfortunate that Team17’s decision has such a negative impact on developers, especially those who work directly for Team17 and were caught off-guard by this business move. Maybe more developers will speak up when the opportunity presents itself. Who knows, sometimes people quit NFT programs after seeing the outrage they cause, like voice actor Troy Baker did.

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