Political streamer Destiny receives indefinite ban from Twitch

Political streamer Destiny receives indefinite ban from Twitch

Political streamer Destiny receives indefinite ban from Twitch

A politically-focused streamer called Destiny has been banned from Twitch indefinitely. Screenshots shared by Destiny to his subreddit indicate that the ban can only be lifted on appeal, and that it is applied “to promote, encourage or facilitate discrimination or denigration of a group of people based on protected characteristics.”

Beyond that, Twitch has not provided a clear motivation for the ban, but one possibility is that it this clip Survived after his account was deleted. In it, Destiny muses on rival streamers’ gender-affirming surgeries, before mentioning the lure of a “41% joke,” a reference to the suicide attempt rate reported by transgender Americans in the 2012 National Survey of Transgender Discrimination.

The comments come against a backdrop of high-profile legislation targeting transgender youth in Utah and Texas and a growing climate of hostility toward the trans community.As far as she is concerned, the streamer of fate and keffals quarrel has been Recently raised over $52,000 Texas Equity Foundation, which advocates for the Texas LGBTQ community.

This isn’t the first time Twitch has opted to permanently ban high-profile streamers indefinitely. Dr. Disrespect is famously kicked off the platform and only settled his lawsuit with the site this month. While neither side has “admitted any wrongdoing,” he will not return to the platform. Chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura unfortunately got caught in the crossfire and was temporarily banned while live stream analyzing a chess match that disrespected Dr.

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