Project Zomboid: How to set up door and window barricades

Project Zomboid: How to set up door and window barricades


So, do you want to set up doors and windows in Project Zomboid? Contrary to what The Mitchells vs The Machines would have you believe, it’s not as easy as getting out your #3 Robertson square head screwdriver and getting to work. In fact, Project Zomboid doesn’t even use a screwdriver as part of the process.

In order to set up entry points like doors and windows, you need materials. A basic barricade requires a hammer, nails and some planks, all of which are not hard to find in an indie survival game if you know where to look. Trying to find them under the constant pressure of undead hordes is another, and Project Zomboid is like any other zombie game in that regard.

This is where we come in. Follow us on a short, sweet, but no less magical journey as we explain exactly how to set up a window in a Zomboid project, and where to get the materials. Afterwards, we can all head to Winchester, grab a cold pint, and wait for it to be over.

How to set up a window in Project Zomboid

arrive To setup a window in Project Zomboid, please follow the steps below:

  • Obtain saws and hammers by looting garages, tool cabinets, and possibly other containers
  • Right click on some furniture and select “Disassemble”, this will generate planks and nails
  • pick up planks and nails
  • Right click on the window and select the “Barricade” option

It’s that simple! Another possibly more reliable source of planks is to find an axe and chop down some trees to produce logs. You can then use a saw to turn these wood logs into planks, although you’ll still need to source nails.

The same process works for doors, and you can set up additional barrier layers involving metal.One sheet metal barricade Sheet metal is required, which can be found at hardware stores, metal shelves, and even in the trunk of a car.

One metal barricade Metal strips are required, which can be found in the same places as sheet metal. Both will require you to also purchase a propane torch and a welder’s mask. Zombie mechanics often carry the latter, which means you have to go hunting. No matter what kind of barricade you want, as long as you have all the materials.

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You should now have everything you need to set up roadblocks in Project Zomboid. good luck!

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