Prowler Quest hints at Fortnite Miles Morales skin

Prowler Quest hints at Fortnite Miles Morales skin

It appears that a line of text in the new Prowler skin challenge hints that a Fortnite Miles Morales skin could be coming to Epic’s battle royale game, and if that happens, it’ll be the game’s third spider since Chapter 3 began last year Hero skin.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has already weighed heavily on Marvel’s co-op, as does Doctor Strange in the season pass, along with the Spider-Man villain the Prowler – players can start with today’s 20.20 update by completing his various in-game tasks.

However, players have found that some of these challenges contain quotes from Prowler from other sources. The most important quest, the one that unlocks Prowler himself, is accompanied by the phrase, “You’re on your way, keep going”. It’s an important line from the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – which marks the first time Miles Morales appears in the movie – because it’s the last word the Prowler says to his nephew Miles a line.

Many players, myself included, have wondered why Prowler was chosen as the newest Fortnite ‘secret’ Battle Pass character – since he’s a handsome Z-rated villain, not unlike Miles Morales’ Spider-Man personal contact. While this is not a confirmation, it would make sense if Miles was added soon.

For those curious, the clip in question
(spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie obvi)

— Justin (@Justin_Neagle) April 19, 2022

Currently, the only way to play Miles Morales on PC is through the new PlayStation Plus service, so hopefully Fortnite will change that soon – even if Spider-Man’s awesome web shooter no longer exists.

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