Red Notice director takes over Dungeons & Dragons TV show

Red Notice director takes over Dungeons & Dragons TV show

Red Notice director takes over Dungeons & Dragons TV show

Polygon reports that a potential Dungeons & Dragons TV series is in the early stages of production. It is allegedly led by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the writer and director of the popular Netflix film “Red Notice.”

D&D has a rich and successful history in video games. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for moving images. A 2000 movie starring the great Jeremy Irons is notorious for being shoddy, and I’ve only just discovered D&D: Wrath of the Dragon and D&D: Book of Evil Darkness, they look Not like a rough diamond, but more like a rough medium.

That didn’t stop Wizards from going ahead to bite the apple again, this time in an environment where genre shows are thriving. The Witcher’s previous statement, also reported by Polygon, suggested the show could be adapting the story of Drizzt Do’Urden, the former Dark Elf ranger and protagonist of the ’34 Forgotten Realms sidekick novel.

Now, I loved Drizzt as a kid, but in our Lord 2022, another moody, contradictory, two-sword-wielding, cool leather-armored, weird-eyed World’s Best Swordsman™ reigns Polish monster hunter who loves to shower. It’s hard to imagine Drizzt’s adaptation on a par with Netflix’s fantasy blockbuster, and Drizzt’s rumors go back to when different talents joined the project.

Besides the dark elves, it’s not clear to me who the D&D adaptation could revolve around. Maybe it could focus on Elminster, Ed Greenwood’s sexually active Gandalf-esque alter ego, or maybe Gary Gagex’s own Greyhawk thief master Gord. No matter what route Wizards and Thurber take, another adaptation of the beloved sci-fi/fantasy property is coming, and you can’t stop it.

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