Review Gran Turismo 7 Review

Review Gran Turismo 7 Review


One of the biggest racing games of the year finally launched this week, and if you want to see if Gran Turismo 7 is capable of staying on top of the track, reviews of the sim racing title are live. Reception so far has been mostly positive, praising the Gran Turismo 7 for its impressive visuals, accurate handling and rock-solid foundation.

A common complaint among outlets centers on a clunky user interface and fewer vehicle choices, but overall, the core driving experience is seen as one of the best on the market today.

“In the latest entry in PlayStation’s premier racing series, perfection isn’t just the goal of acclaimed producer Kazunori Yamauchi — it’ll soon be your goal,” explains Alex Goy in GameSpot’s ongoing review of Gran Turismo 7. “It’s as close to driving a real car on a console as saving a few seconds on a commute, or playing on your favorite roads in the real world, with challenges, physics, and sweet visual effects.”

For a broader look at the critical reaction to Gran Turismo 7, check out more reviews below, or check out site Metacritic for more impressions.

  • Game: Gran Turismo 7
  • Platform: PS5, PS4
  • Developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Release Date: March 4th
  • Price: $70

GameSpot — 8/10 review in progress

“Gran Turismo 7 isn’t a departure, it’s a newer, shinier GT game. Its physics model is accurate, and while the car can be formulaic, it’s always a giggle. It’s a bit of an attempt at humanity. Cracking, lack of upwards – the cars so far seem to miss an open goal, the game may not have changed dramatically, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. There are medals to claim, cars to collect, and people on the internet in Embarrassed around Goodwood, “The ring, or, well, really anywhere. The PlayStation petrolheads are having a great time. “– Alex Goy [Full review]

VG247 — 5/5

“After the now customary delay, Gran Turismo 7 is here, just in time to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, and the celebration is a fair way to look at it – it feels like the real ‘best’ Gran Turismo. From the obvious Moving to a more single-player-driven (sorry) sport, the series’ standard bearing visuals, now incorporating the competitive advantages seen in the sport, a mash-up of near and far history with one of the biggest racing cars in the game should see it resurface to the pinnacle of the genre.” — Andy Hamilton [Full review]

Eurogamer – Not rated

“Half-fulfilled promises and some missing features feel like part of the modern GT experience fans have come to expect, but for the first time in centuries it feels like a Gran Turismo worthy of being a modern blockbuster, and its appeal is far Well beyond an avid car fanatic like me. It’s a luxurious, stunningly gorgeous thing that most importantly retains its aficionados’ hearts under the graphic display and does what it can to make car lovers Stand out from anyone in its orbit.– Martin Robinson [Full review]

IGN – 9/10

“It does have some major failures, though, including how it continues to undercut its career-mode competition with a deeply flawed rolling start, its car roster is no longer as comprehensive as the competition, and its always-on single-player mode still appears to be There’s no need to be punishing. But all of this is on the periphery of the GT7’s excellent driving experience, enhanced by the PS5’s gorgeous graphics and intense, flavorful haptic feedback delivered through the DualSense controller.” — Luke Reilly [Full review]

Gaming Radar – 4.5/5

“Fundamentally, this is one of the best driving games I’ve ever played. Not as bright or brash as Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, nor as flashy off-track as Forza Motorsport 7. But what’s most telling is “Since I installed it, I can’t stop playing it, and I’m finding this less and less for driving games. Gran Turismo 7 is the real deal, and every PlayStation owner should buy it. “– Justin Towell [Full review]

Polygon – Unlined

“With GT7, Gran Turismo remains a glorious anomaly: a game made with different goals and with different standards; a game that serves a single, personal vision; a game that’s all about science and engineering on the outside game, and all history and heart.” — Ollie Welsh [Full review]

Destructoid — 8.5/10

“Gran Turismo 7 isn’t the second outing of a racing game, and it doesn’t need to be. It still captures the feeling of spending hours admiring your garage and flipping through car facts from some of the best entries in the series, but still Feels like a big-budget racer.” — Chris Carter [Full review]

Gamers – 5/5

“I can’t think of another racing game where I accidentally play 5 hours straight without leaving the couch. The racing is exciting, the racing is fun, the track is spectacular, and the career is organized. I even Haven’t talked about photo mode yet, which is one of the best I’ve seen in a game. I’m also not fully invested in multiplayer, which has the potential to generate a thriving competitive scene. There’s only so much, and I Can’t imagine wanting to play another racing sim anytime soon.” — Andy Kelly [Full review]

VGC – 3/5

“If you can live with clunky menus, endless boring dialogue, and 100 café visits, there’s a great racing game hidden in Gran Turismo 7. It’s puzzling that this game goes out of its way to prevent You get into the track but when you actually get there it’s a lot of fun. Everything about the game feels outdated until you get behind the wheel and then it feels like an unbelievably impressive driving simulator , it’s such a shame that you have to deal with so much unnecessary hassle to get to your destination.” — Jordan Middle [Full review]

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