Rust’s February update includes a major performance fix

Rust’s February update includes a major performance fix


Rust’s February update is for the February seasonality (at least in the northern hemisphere), but while arctic features are the main attraction, there are some notable technical changes – including major performance fixes. The developers of Facepunch say that as of the February 3 update, you should see more stable frame rates.

A recent update introduced an issue where frame rates would drop for no apparent reason, and the higher the base frame rate, the worse the problem. “After conducting a series of analyses,” the developers said in a press release, “we noticed some serious stalls on the rendering thread, and our tree imposter system is likely the cause of the problem, although the population has only recently been A very slight adjustment.”

The developers say “With the fix, the frame rate should again be more consistent (as long as the rendered content is consistent) and should be slightly higher overall, especially in areas like bandit camps with lots of bushes and trees.”

We’ve seen teasers of new features before, like new protective suits and polar bears, and the update will also introduce a new Arctic Research Station dungeon filled with hostile scientists. There’s also a new snowmobile that will get you across the tundra quickly, and a spray can that will allow you to re-skin without having to take them to a repair stand.

Full details on the changes will be posted on the official blog when the update goes live on February 3 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 7PM GMT. For more survival games, you can follow this link.

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