Satisfied to enter the “new stage of production” of 1.0

Satisfied to enter the “new stage of production” of 1.0

First-person factory management game Satisfactory is about to get Update 6, which marks a milestone on the road to its 1.0 release date. The developers say that large content updates will slow down from here as the game moves into a “new phase of production” that brings it closer to a final full release.

“It’s satisfying to be getting closer and closer to exiting Early Access,” the developers said in a press release. “It’s entering a new phase of production where the big content updates we’ve seen in the past will taper off while studios We’re completely focused on finishing version 1.0 of the game. Upcoming updates will shift to focusing more on specific parts of the game.”

But first, we’ll get Update 6, which is focused on exploration. We’ll see an overhaul of Spire Coast and Swamp, new and old mobs with better visuals and improved behavior, and a host of new tools to deal with threats and obstacles when exploring the wilderness. You can also expect a series of improvements to the map UI and an overhaul of the radar tower.

Update 6 will enter the experimental phase in June. For a more detailed look at what to expect from the patch, check out the video below.

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