Soul Data Miner Shows Why Elden Ring's Asset Reuse Is Actually Great

Soul Data Miner Shows Why Elden Ring’s Asset Reuse Is Actually Great

Soul Data Miner Shows Why Elden Ring’s Asset Reuse Is Actually Great

Elden Ring: In case you haven’t heard, it’s the bee’s knee. One of the greatest and unexpected joys I’ve found in gaming is seeing echoes big and small of the Source of Souls game that led to this. When Elden Ring was first revealed, its reuse of assets even became a silly controversy, and FromSoftware might (God forbid) reuse a perfectly functional sword swing animation instead of making a whole new one.

The thing is, Elden Ring is a master class in how to reuse assets, which is arguably the only reason it exists in its form. This game is simply a behemoth, and all players will go through crazy moments of riding elevators or sneaking into caves and finding new sprawling areas. FromSoftware has built on this since Demon’s Souls (2009), and subsequently created five more games in a similar fashion before Elden Ring. Each of them somehow gets between the lands.

Longtime Souls data miner ZullieTheWitch is one of the most legitimate sources of information about these games: the guy managed to create the Holy Grail dungeon glyph that lets players fight unused bosses in Curse of Bloodborne. One of the things that’s especially interesting about Zullie’s work is that they unearth unused stuff that may often be in a near-final state, and each Soul title has its own various surprise codes that may have been buried.

Zullie has posted a new video for comparison, which, I think, shows the way FromSoft uses existing assets, and shows why calling this asset reuse is really quite misleading. Asset reuse sounds like you’re just picking a boss off the shelf and bashing it in a new game. And in some cases, what FromSoft is doing, as shown below, is going back to something that didn’t work out for some reason and reconfiguring it in a new form.

As the video shows, FromSoftware originally intended to use this giant wolf boss in Dark Souls 3 – in the end it was left out, but developed far enough that Zullie was able to make a previous video on it (and speculate about it) use a curved greatsword). However, FromSoftware ended up using the wolf model to create the covenant statue in Farron Keep.

Elden Ring Boss the Red Wolf of Radagon is this Boss: of course not. The base assets have been built, little details like the tresses and earrings have been added, and it finally has the curved sword. Zullie doesn’t mention this, but Red Wolf’s movements and brutal grace are somewhat similar to that of another axed boss, the Behemoth in Bloodborne (which also uses magic), and Red Wolf is likely a fusion of the two.

This example shows at a micro level that reuse is not just an accusation of laziness, but a lazy term. It’s more like a revival.

“There’s always been some complaints about From Software’s reuse of legacy assets, and I think that’s one of the only meaningful complaints you can make about Elden Ring, which is amplified to a certain extent,” Zullie wrote. “I think From Software Software was a very responsible move, and what’s even better is that they seem to have taken the opportunity to let us experience some of the bosses that weren’t able to incorporate it into their own game in the first place.”

In response to a question about Elden Ring’s crabs, which use the same skeletons and animations as the crabs in Dark Souls 3, Zullie summed up the only sane point: “I think it’s very good that they do this because it’s not Like what makes a crab a crab, it changes a lot just because it’s in a new environment.”

Radagon’s Red Wolf is just one small example of what FromSoft is doing in the Elden Ring world, making old things look new again. This area of ​​the game feels unique because designers have been able to take a huge asset base built over a decade and then build on top of that: instead of spending months building new giant crabs. Don’t even get me started on what this means for lore bosses: you’d never convince me that a snowy mountain with giants isn’t where Demon’s Souls Keystone 6 really is.

Elden Ring recently received a huge patch that addressed some performance issues affecting PC players, fixed some NPC questlines not working, and added NPC quest markers. Of course, there’s a weird glitch, the most interesting thing at the moment is that the horse can be “flyed”.

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