The 2021 annual mod is an epic open world Gothic II full conversion

The 2021 annual mod is an epic open world Gothic II full conversion

Players voted for an open world mod on ModDB, and selected the RPG 20 years ago as the 2021 Mod. The epic Gothic II Chronicles Of Myrtana complete conversion was only released this month, but it has been selected by the community as the best mod of the year-defeating games like Black Mesa: Blue Shift.

Gothic II was released in 2002 as Piranha Bytes’ latest popular action RPG game-they will continue to create similar Risen series, and are currently making ELEX II, which is expected to be released in March. The Myrtana Chronicle mod is a huge transformation of Gothic II, with new open worlds, skills, mechanics, stories, and even voice acting.

It is available on ModDB and Steam, and it was only fully released on December 10th-players immediately liked it. On Steam, it is currently rated as “Absolutely Positive” out of more than 5,000 reviews-in contrast, Gothic II itself has only been rated “Very Positively” out of approximately 6,500 reviews.

ModDB counts users’ votes on the top 100 modules of the year, and players choose Myrtana Chronicles of Myrtana as the 2021 Players Choice Mod. As pointed out by ModDB, Myrtana Chronicles is “a really huge mod, which at this stage even surpasses the term “full conversion”.” If you have a copy of Gothic II, it’s worth a try-if not, the base game is currently There is a 75% discount on Steam.

Other impressive mods in the top 10 include the conversion of “Half-Life: Blue Shift” into Black Terrace and the Radiant Ashes of “Doom” 2063-15 years, the “Red Alert 2” expansion pack “Mental Omega” 》Won the honorary award. If you own and like any game on the top 10 list, you need to check out the mods-they are free after all, why not?

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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