The best mouse games on PC

So, do you want to learn about the mouse game? Taking on the difficult and important task of putting together this list naturally raises many questions. “Why?”, eg. And, “How?” And, “No,” which is not only not a question, but sheer cowardice, showing a complete lack of confidence that mice can offer all the wonderful things that video games can offer.

Really, none of these issues matter as much as the pressing question here, which is: With so many great pest-based games to choose from, how could we possibly narrow it down to just one, SEO-friendly list of the best on PC mouse game?

Rats fought to the death for their place on this list. They overcame danger, adversity, prejudice, suspiciously placed poison-laden custards, ridicule, complete lack of interest in searching, and many other trials to get here. You asked for it, so we delivered. Then you make us stop and we say, no, it’s not fair to the rats. This is the best mouse game on PC.

Plague II

Possibly the most obnoxious of all mice-based games ever, Vermintide 2 is a creepy co-op nose smasher set in the end of Warhammer. Although the power of chaos has been added to this sequel, the mice are still the highlight, what kind of mice are they! Rats have Gatling guns that shoot warpstones! Sneaky mice with long hooks trying to drag you into their mouse house and forcing you to watch a home video of their mouse wedding! Bomb your rats with glowing green plague balls!

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Maybe one lands in your mouth, and for the rest of your life, you wake up every morning trying to wipe the rat smell from your teeth. You’ll never know what nachos are supposed to taste like. From now on, every cornflake you eat will taste like a small piece of hobo. Do these rats care about your loss? Without a partner, why would they do this? It’s rat world now, man.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Despite plenty of gaming evidence to the contrary, we choose to believe that the word “innocence” in this stealth game’s title actually refers to the innocent mice forced to defend themselves after humans decide to crouch on the roof. It may take place during a hellish paranormal plague, but the game’s two protagonists are children and therefore stupid and therefore unreliable narrators. Fake anti-rat propaganda, but still one of the best action-adventure games on PC.

shame 2

Dishonored 2 follows a family of mice trying to escape from the pockets of a brawny guy and play with their friends on the city streets of Dunwall, kind of like the Butlins of the Mouse (Or sandals, if you’re an American rodent – ed). A wonderfully modern reimagining of the old immersive sim (Latin for “game with mice”), Dishonored 2 represents a new frontier in the relationship between mice and humans, allowing dull human protagonists to experience the rich inner life of Dunwall Brave pests.

Total War: Warhammer 2

Remember those mice from The Plague 2? They are back, and in more numbers. And, this time they have nuclear weapons.

You’ll need to pick up the Prophet and Warlock DLC to make the most of Warhammer 2’s Skaven arsenal, but once your claws get wet with junk juice, you’ll be wreaking havoc all over the map.

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There are a few other factions, apparently…

The Doomsday mod

Rip (Tear up some newspapers to make a good bed for all those good mice.)

Bad Rat: Rat’s Revenge

Look, we’ll be on your equal footing. We haven’t actually played with this, so it might be bad. However, the Steam review paints an exciting picture, opting for ebullient views like “It’s okay.” and “I guess that’s not bad…”. Either way, it’s full of rats.

So there you have it. An exhaustive list of the best and best mouse games for PC. We can’t stop writing about video games, but at least we can make sure no one reads anything we write about video games again.

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