The best sports games on PC in 2022

The best sports games on PC in 2022


Looking for the best sports games on PC? For a long time, publishers were reluctant to bring their best-selling sports games to PC. Aside from EA’s annual FIFA releases and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series, the sports genre on PC was pretty sparse until recently. No matter what sport you enjoy these days, you should find something to take that competitive itch away.

The sports games on this list generally have smaller player bases than console games, but that doesn’t mean they’re inferior. The PC versions of some of these games offer a lot, including support for high refresh rates and various high-resolution panels. Ever wanted to see the entire pitch at a football game? This is entirely possible on PC.

Today, you can find most sports games on PC with almost no compromises. Sure, you can’t get games like UFC 4 and MLB The Show 21, but who needs those games when you have Street Fighter V and Super Mega Baseball 3? Here are our picks for some of the best sports games on PC.

The best sports games are:

  • Football Manager 22
  • Super Super Baseball 3
  • FIFA 22
  • Electronic Football PES 2021
  • Madden NFL 22
  • play golf with your friends
  • NBA 2K22
  • Republic of Knights
  • Rocket League
  • THPS 1 + 2

Football Manager 21

The Football Manager series is known for being one of the most in-depth and strategic sports games ever made. Football Manager 22 puts you in the role of the next Guardiola as you manage your fickle players while struggling with a tight transfer budget.

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Football Manager contains a database of thousands of players with detailed information about each individual’s playing style and potential. Whether you decide to lead a non-league team to glory or you prefer to rule with a Premier League team, Football Manager 22 gives you the tools to become the greatest manager of all time.

Super Super Baseball 3

When it comes to baseball games on PC, it’s fair to say we don’t have many options. Thankfully, Metalhead Software’s excellent baseball series offers an alternative to licensed games on consoles. The developers focused on creating a hassle-free experience that is easy to pick up and play. Don’t let the cartoon aesthetic fool you – Super Mega Baseball 3 packs a lot of depth on and off the field.

You can focus entirely on the multiplayer aspect of the game, but there’s a lot of single-player content to explore. A new addition to the series is the franchise mode, this time spanning several years rather than focusing on a single season. Build a formidable team and watch them dominate the game from humble beginnings to the magnificent heights baseball has to offer.


The FIFA series has been a staple of PC gaming since the 90s. Although there have been some awkward years between engine upgrades, EA has been dogged by their PC audience. FIFA 21 is far from the most innovative in terms of gameplay, but you know what they say, if it ain’t broke…

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FIFA has dominated football ever since Ultimate Team was introduced to the masses with FIFA 11. The card game revolutionized sports games as players brawl every week with the latest additions to the game mode. Assembling your favorite players from the past and present is simply too tempting to ignore.

Electronic Football PES 2021

FIFA cannot be mentioned without mentioning the Pro Evo series or eFootball PES as we know it today. Pro Evolution Soccer has been around on PC for almost two decades, and while it may not be as popular as the FIFA series, it certainly has its die-hard fans. eFootball PES 2021 is known for its authentic representation of football, giving players more control over each player than FIFA.

The latest version of eFootball 2022 is a bit of a mess… we better not talk about the new version. Remember, there is nothing wrong with PES 2021, so if you want to play a very different football game than FIFA 22, this is your best bet.

Madden NFL 22

After a long hiatus, the NFL series has only recently returned to PC territory. Madden NFL 22 is the only option for a NFL game – there really isn’t any other NFL game. Thankfully, Madden 22 is the same game as its console game, so PC gamers don’t have to feel bad about missing anything.

There has been some criticism of the Madden series over the past few years due to complacency due to the lack of competition. Madden 22 is far from the best game in the series. As with any sports team, fans have to go with the flow.

play golf with your friends

Golf with your friends is exactly what it sounds like – play with up to 11 friends as you traverse themed miniature golf courses. Power up to freeze opponent’s balls and lay honey tunnels to stop players from advancing. The game even has a built-in level editor for players with a keen eye for golf.

Golfing with friends can be played simultaneously online or locally with the hot seat option; perfect for Steam’s Remote Play feature. The best part of this game is that there are no barriers to entry – no real-life golf skills here; just pick a direction, decide how hard it is to hit the ball, and pray for the best.

NBA 2K22

If you play mostly offline, NBA 2K22 is a great game with a lengthy MyCareer story mode for single player to explore in depth. Not only does 2K22 have all the modern teams to choose from, it also provides players with many classic teams from NBA history to choose from. Want to see how the 2021 Golden State Warriors stack up against the ’96 Chicago Bulls? You can play games like this without spending any extra money.

NBA 2K22 is the definitive basketball game on PC and the only basketball series currently available. Nearly every version of NBA 2K is riddled with cheaters that the developers have worked hard to crack down on. Unfortunately, this makes playing online more frustrating than enjoyable.

Republic of Knights

Riders Republic is the spiritual successor to the extreme sports game Steep, released in 2016. There’s a lot going on in Rider Republic’s sprawling open world, which stitches together seven of America’s national parks to create one giant map. Up to 64 players can compete against each other in wingsuit flying, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking to prove who is the best rider.

You don’t have to compete with other players to have fun, but overtaking your friends as you traverse terrain at breakneck speed is a very satisfying feeling. Check out our Riders Republic review for our final verdict on Ubisoft’s sprawling open-world game.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the best football games ever made. Yes, it replaced an 11-player team with three rocket-powered cars, maybe adorned with a pile of pancakes or a sombrero, and it’s still a great game of football. There’s a constant spat between the FIFA and PES communities over scripted gameplay and pay-to-win mechanics; you won’t hear anything about Rocket League.

Psyonix perfected the mechanics of Rocket League, making the game accessible to most people, while maintaining an absurdly high skill cap. Rocket League’s esports scene shows the depth of a game about flying cars. Even better, Rocket League is free to play and cross-play on every platform. If you have the slightest interest in hitting big balls with flying cars, try Rocket League.

THPS 1 + 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remake by Vicarious Visions takes all your memories of these classic games and makes them modern. The Tony Hawk franchise grew rapidly when it debuted in 1999, with sequels with larger levels and improved mechanics coming eight years in a row.

The original Tony Hawk games are still around today, but important mechanics introduced in later games may make it difficult for them to return. This remake brings together the best aspects of the series and connects them to the first two games to create a masterpiece. Whether you want to shred with your buddies locally or see how you’re doing online, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has powerful multiplayer options for all types of players.

Who says there are no sports games on PC? Basketball, soccer, rocket-powered car soccer… whatever you want, on your PC. We know some sports are unavailable – apologies to any NHL fans out there, maybe one day we’ll get a hockey game from EA. Wondering what to expect later this year? Check out our list of the best upcoming PC games to see which games are heading your way.

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