The first six years of MMO LOTRO are completely free

Lord of the Rings Online is technically free to play, but the MMO has split most of its content into additional paid purchases. The developer announced a month ago that a ton of additional content will soon be available for free, and the update will go live this week as part of Update 33.

Update 33 went live on April 20, and it makes every noteworthy content released by LOTRO free for everyone through the 2013 Helm’s Deep update. This gives you the freedom to explore level 95 and play High Elf races and the Rune Guardian, Watcher and Beorning classes on top of the existing free content.

This change comes with LOTRO’s 15th anniversary, and you’ll find the in-game anniversary event starts at The Shire’s Hill (29.9S, 71.5W). You can also check out Yondershire if you want to dive into some current paid content. You can get more details about Update 33 on the official website.

Remember, as in 2011, you still won’t be paying.

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