The free indie game that’s part of Portal 2 is coming to Steam

The free indie game that’s part of Portal 2 is coming to Steam


Both entries in the Portal series are deeply rooted in indie games, and one of Portal 2’s main inspirations is now available on Steam. The sequel’s gel mechanics originated in a student game called Tag: The Power of Paint, and while it’s been available online as freeware for years, you can now also get it on Valve’s own platform.

Tag was developed in 2009 by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology. It’s a first-person puzzle platformer with a paint gun where you can paint the environment with various colors. These colors give floors and walls properties that allow you to slide or bounce off surfaces. It’s a fun time, only about 30 minutes – check it out on Steam if you haven’t played it yet.

Tag has won a series of independent awards, and Valve hired the team behind the project to implement many of these concepts into Portal 2’s gel system. This mirrors the development story of the original Portal – another group of Digipen students released Narbacular Drop 2005 and were hired by Valve to incorporate their concepts into the full game.

if you want one Very A quick look at the Tag, which appeared at AGDQ 2016, is shown below.

By the way, Portal co-author Erik Wolpaw is very keen on Portal 3.

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