The next important addition to Project Zomboid will be NPC

The next important addition to Project Zomboid will be NPC


Since the release of its massive update 41, the early-access zombie game Project Zomboid has become a truly popular game nearly ten years after its first launch. Its developer, The Indie Stone, did not slow down and was content with their undead laurels. In a new interview, the developers stated that they are working on the next major addition to Project Zomboid: human NPCs.

Chris Simpson, Managing Director and Coder of The Indie Stone, spoke with NME about Update 41 and future plans for the game. The interview provided some interesting insights about the development of the latest update, as well as the developer’s feelings about spending so much time in Early Access. But Simpson also identified NPC as the studio’s next Zomboid main target. This is a feature that fans have been waiting for years to see in the game.

“We plan to almost do NPC next,” Simpson said. “Although there may be a smaller build between the two, the next big thing we are working on and talking about in the new year will be NPC.”

Simpson said that NPCs have long been a hot issue in the Project Zomboid community-they are the most popular features, and their absence is the source of most criticism for Indie Stone.

Simpson said that the original plan was to add wild animals before dealing with NPCs, but the update must involve behaviors prepared for a larger NPC update. The team decided to work with NPC first, as Simpson said, “I don’t think this will disturb too many people.”

This is an exciting idea: Update 41 adds the area of ​​Louisville on the map, but the main settings of West Point Military Academy in Zomboid and Muldera, Kentucky are located outside of the US Army Base Fort Knox, which means that eventually , NPC soldiers may guard and staff the location in the military compound-this may be the place where the “Knox Incident” that caused the zombie plague occurred.

New players should lower their expectations-NPCs are unlikely to appear in Project Zomboid anytime soon, even in early forms. Indie Stone works slowly and carefully, and when it wants to invite the community to try new features it is developing, it adds optional beta branches.

Fortunately, thanks to update 41, there are many new areas to explore in Project Zomboid while we wait.

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