The world's fastest gaming monitor has a 500Hz refresh rate

The world’s fastest gaming monitor has a 500Hz refresh rate

The world’s fastest gaming monitor has a 500Hz refresh rate


BOE announced the launch of the world’s first 500Hz gaming monitor. The monitor features a 27-inch Full HD panel with 8-bit color depth and a 1ms response time. The prototype panel features a high mobility oxide backplane to achieve such high frame rates that it easily beats the 360Hz refresh rate of the fastest esports monitors on the market today. So yes, it’s fast.

The news comes from Chinese news site Sina (via Tom’s Hardware). BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) may not be a household name in Western markets, but it is actually one of the largest LCD, OLED and flexible display panel manufacturers in the world.

Given the relatively high price of premium 360Hz monitors, 500Hz screens can be very expensive, and may also be limited to 1080p resolution, especially in the early days. Such a monitor can cost as much as a very good 1440p or 4K screen, which means it’s only suitable for competitive gamers.

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While advances in panel technology are welcome, the question remains as to whether 500Hz panels actually offer real benefits to gamers, even those who play fast-paced first-person shooters. Minimizing input lag is always beneficial, but I have to expect diminishing returns at these higher and higher refresh rates.

Regardless, I’d love to get my hands on it and put it through its paces. Would a screen like this make it to our list of the best gaming monitors? There must be quite a few groups to convince us that spending a fortune for a 1080p screen in 2022 is worth the money.

You’ll also need a powerful GPU, as even hitting a regular 500FPS at 1080p isn’t easy to achieve outside of game menu screens. This applies not only to the graphics card, but also to the CPU. Fortunately, many esports games are not very graphically demanding, I guess.

The display is currently in the prototype stage, and BOE has yet to reveal details about pricing or availability. So it may be a while before 500Hz panels hit the market. We might be trying to justify spending a fortune on a 1080p monitor in 2023.

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