These real-life Halo boots are available for as little as $225, and you're lucky

These real-life Halo boots are available for as little as $225, and you’re lucky

These real-life Halo boots are available for as little as $225, and you’re lucky


If you’ve got $225, need some new boots, and have an unfortunate tendency to ignore good feel for the promise of Halo fans, these new Master Chief-inspired shoes from American footwear maker Wolverine might be just what you’re looking for .

Based on Wolverine’s Hellcat boots, the new boots were developed in partnership with Halo studio 343 Industries, after fans started pointing out that the outfit looked like something taken out of the Halo universe.

“Comments keep coming in asking the brand to bring the boot to life,” Wolverine said. “Now, after nearly a year of designing and collaborating, Wolverine and 343 Industries are answering the call.”

The boots are the Master Chief’s green (I don’t know what the official tone is), rough and worn looking, with the Master Chief’s Spartan number 117, and the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) insignia on them. It also bears the logo of the Materials Group, a division of the Office of Naval Intelligence that developed the Quake-powered assault armor worn by the Spartans.

“Given our roots in military science fiction, we often hear from our fans that they are interested in boots inspired by the Master Chief. So when Wolverine reached out to us about a partnership, we were ready to answer the call ,” said John Friend, 343’s director of consumer products for Halo and Xbox.

“The limited edition boots give Halo fans the chance to step inside (boots) to become the Master Chief and bring the Halo universe into their everyday lives, and we’re eager to see how fans react to the collaboration and the upcoming launch of our partnership with Wolverine partnership.”

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Alas, the chance to “become the Master Chief” will be limited to a very small number of Halo fans. Not because of the price—really, $225 isn’t an outrageous price for a decent pair of boots—but because only 117 pairs were made. It’s unclear how the boots will be distributed — first-come, first-served, some kind of lottery system, or something else entirely — but it’s safe to assume they’ll be available soon, regardless of the specifics.

For the record, this is far from the first video game shoe collaboration to emerge in recent years. Razer recently teamed up with Sneki Snek sneakers (actually a lot more low-key than you might think), and just this week, the Overwatch League’s Washington Justice released a pair of gamer slippers developed in partnership with TIME. EA and Puma teamed up for Need for Speed ​​Shoes in 2019, while Call of Duty launched its own beautiful footwear in partnership with Adidas and Pusha T that same year.

It’s not even the first boot to be inspired by the mysterious super soldier created by Bungie: that honor goes to the Destiny 2 boots, created in collaboration with legendary shoemaker Palladium. Believe it or not, the synergy of tech shoes goes both ways. Here’s a sweet pair of sneakers from RTKFT, which is actually an RTX 3080 powered PC. It turns out that shoes and computers are a match made in heaven.

Wolverine’s Sergeant Boots will be available starting March 29th. If you want to be notified when it happens, you can sign up at

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