This Elden Ring player beat an endgame boss with starting items

This Elden Ring player beat an endgame boss with starting items

This Elden Ring player beat an endgame boss with starting items


Bewitching Branch doesn’t rank high on our list of Elden Ring Keepsakes: you can find the item throughout the game, and more importantly, its usefulness seems to depend on context. While turning enemies into makeshift allies is an interesting and useful strategy, it’s less impressive given the game’s extensive Spirit Ash summoning system.

Slight spoiler for the top of the giant below.

However, one area where the Bewitching Branch could prove useful is in the Commander Niall boss fight in Castle Sol, a dungeon found in the late game Giant’s Peak area. Niall himself is a classic FromSoftware acrobatic large armored swordman – see also Artorias, Gwyn and Isshin Ashina in previous games. He’s tough enough on his own, but he starts the fight by summoning two ghost riders to fight alongside him. They are big, mean, fast, and have a variety of punitive moves.

That’s where Bewitching Branch comes in. Souls series challenge runner Ongbal, as part of an ongoing quest to defeat all of the game’s bosses without leveling up, showed off their strategy to defeat Commander Niall with the help of Branch. Not only did turning the knight to their side remove the additional threat, but the soldiers proved to be just as deadly against the boss as they were when fighting the player, taking out half of Niall’s before Ongbal even had to lift a finger. life value.

When I played Commander Neil, it was two hours of old-fashioned trial and error, and it was a treat to see someone who not only beat him with ease, but also used his strengths against him. It’s also an exciting showcase of Elden Ring’s mechanical depth and flexibility: one creative player is able to turn around high-level challenges using mechanics that many others have completely written off. Who knows how many equally surprising creative strategies are yet to be discovered?

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