Total War NFT?Creative Assembly Aware of “Worries”

Total War NFT?Creative Assembly Aware of “Worries”


Likely fans of SEGA’s RTS game series don’t want to hear about Total War NFTs, but they might be on the cards. With the launch of Total War: Warhammer III, developer Creative Assembly said it was aware of “a difference of opinion and concern” – but it had to follow any SEGA NFT plans.

NFTs are still a pain point in the game. While publishers like Ubisoft and Konami supported them despite opposition, Team17 scrapped NFT plans shortly after announcing them, and others called them scams. SEGA hasn’t announced any specific plans, but recently suggested that its new games could use them, registering “SEGA NFTs” earlier this year.

Creative Assembly is owned by SEGA, and in a new interview with 3DJuegos (via Google Translate), Total War: Warhammer 3 campaign designer Mark Sinclair admits that the publisher has said something about NFTs, ultimately saying, “What [SEGA] Say it’s done”. However, Creative Assembly is looking into “their environmental impact” and “understands everyone’s different opinions and concerns about NFTs.”

According to 3DJuegos, Sinclair added that entering the world of NFTs cannot be done blindly and has to be done very carefully — although the site may just be explaining it based on what the designer said above. Either way, it sounds like SEGA’s final decision on whether we’ll see Total War NFTs in the future.

Luckily, they’re not NFTs, but Total War: Warhammer III is getting a ton of DLC expansions coming soon.

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