Turbo Golf Racer Brings Rocket League to the Links

Turbo Golf Racer Brings Rocket League to the Links

Turbo Golf Racer Brings Rocket League to the Links


Adding cars to football is a great move by Psyonix in Rocket League, and since its launch, the game has expanded to include basketball with cars, hockey with cars, and football with cars.But no one thought about adding cars golf, apparently, until now. Developer Hugecalf Studios has turned golf into a game with a title that literally means Turbo Golf Racer, and it looks like everything you love about Rocket League, just like Mario Golf.

Hugecalf showed off a new trailer for the game during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2022. The trailer gave us a quick look at what we can expect from the game: golf, but cars. The course is a mix of golf course and track, and it looks like getting your ball on the green and into the hole will depend on speed and positioning as well as skill and aim. A key difference from Rocket League, it seems, is that Turbo Golf Racing puts more emphasis on the game to get your ball where it belongs, rather than the rush of full-on contact with another team.

According to its Steam page, Turbo Golf Racing supports up to eight players in online multiplayer. The game is currently in Early Access, although it’s not on sale yet, and there’s no word on when it will be were able Request access to the beta version on the Hugecalf website. According to the trailer, Turbo Golf Racing will be available on PC as well as on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass. receive a commission from retail offers.

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