Valheim developers reveal first Mist creatures

Valheim developers reveal first Mist creatures

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Viking survival game Valheim debuting in Early Access. It’s already pretty good – just check its place on our Game of the Year list – but there’s more to come. Today, Iron Gate developers revealed more details about the next major biome update: Mountains and the (currently very empty) Misty Lands.

“In addition to the Mountains update, we’ve been ramping up our work on the Misty Lands,” the developer said in the announcement. “The phase of identifying the core concept is complete and we know what kind of inhabitants we want the biome to have. This means we are now working on a bunch of new build parts and enemies, as well as defining more new mechanics that we will be introducing (although we Hope to keep these secrets for a while).” The insect-like creature pictured above is the first officially announced Mist concept creature.

The developers also stated that they want to have Valheim ready for portable gaming from the day the Steam deck is released, and they are actively working towards that goal.

Finally, they also provide some additional Mountain update screens. You can whine at them below.


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