Valheim's new Mistlands concept art makes my Spider-Man feel tingly

Valheim’s new Mistlands concept art makes my Spider-Man feel tingly

Valheim’s new Mistlands concept art makes my Spider-Man feel tingly


In Valheim, the Misty Lands is an unfinished biome that initially featured tall trees covered in huge nets, which largely hinted at some kind of presence, for no better word, giant spider. Total.

But that was the original concept. Since then, developer Iron Gate Studios has redesigned and redesigned the Mists.Recent finds show no giant trees or cobwebs, but damp grass and jagged boulders shrouded in fog. Or, as some say, fog. Nothing means giant spiders.

Today, Iron Gate released a new image of Mistlands, and I have to say the giant spider is back on the table once again. This image is concept art for the onyx staircase that climbs to what appears to be the entrance to the lair covered in a thick, gleaming net. Along the walls outside the nest, there are also what look like giant seed pods. It all makes me feel very spidery.

Or maybe not! Spiders aren’t the only possibility. Is this really a webbing? It could also be a cord of hardened mucus, which could mean more like a giant slug or snail. Maybe giant grubs or giant caterpillars made them? Salamanders also produce mucus, so there may be some kind of giant amphibian living inside. I have no idea. Still disgusting though.

It sounds like we still have some time to find out. “Designing a new biome is a daunting task, requiring many pieces to fit together to be the full experience it needs to be, and requires a lot of iteration and testing before it’s done,” says Iron Gate. “The biome is still a long way off, but we’re excited about it and we believe the results will be worth the wait!”

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

In addition to this mesh (or slimy) lair door, the iron door also shows a photo of a new weapon, a crossbow – not really something the Vikings were known for. But then again, the Vikings aren’t known for fighting conscious tarballs or letting Thor burn their trash either.

Another new bow, which appears to be made from the spine of some unfortunate creature or person, was also shown in a video on YouTube. After seeing the entrance to that lair, I will take as many weapons as they are willing to give me.

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