Vampire Survivor roadmap has been ‘significantly expanded’

Vampire Survivor roadmap has been ‘significantly expanded’

The roadmap for Vampire Survivors’ release date has arrived, revealing all the additions planned for the roguelike game between now and the final version 1.0. Developer Poncle says Vampire Survivor is currently “70% complete” but has “expanded significantly” from its original plans.

It’s already one of the best vampire games on PC, and technically it hasn’t even come out yet, as Vampire Survivors is still in early access on Steam. It quickly became a huge success on Steam due to its addictive gameplay and low price. Poncle confirmed that the “roadmap has also been significantly expanded” as the DLC they envision is being released “much faster than expected” thanks to player support.

In a new blog post, Poncle lists all the new features the game has planned between now and version 1.0. This includes a “major new mechanic” promised next month, Arcana, and the developer aims to add a second equally big game-changing mechanic in the future — possibly “some kind of endless mode.”

Currently, Vampire Survivor is approximately 70% complete, including the following:

  • Playable characters: 15/24
  • Weapons and Evolutions: 32/48
  • Power up: 18/20
  • Normal Stage: 3 / 5
  • Special Stage: 2 / 5

Poncle says it has doubled the number of levels and characters originally planned because of the game’s positive reviews from players.

So our VS 1.0 roadmap is out of date in yesterday’s update! 😆

You should still read to find out what Vampire Survivor stores. Our developer Luca also provided some info on the new engine and his inspiration for VS. ✨

— Poncle (@poncle_games) March 26, 2022

Vampire Survivors has also been ported to “an industry-standard game engine,” which apparently is “going well,” although this porting is the reason some previously-promised features haven’t arrived — like keymaps. “It’s more time-efficient to implement these things directly in the new engine,” explains Poncle, “as well as worrying about game performance and hardware compatibility.”

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