Warzone adds famous soldier Snoop Dogg and overhauls Respawn Island

Warzone adds famous soldier Snoop Dogg and overhauls Respawn Island

Warzone adds famous soldier Snoop Dogg and overhauls Respawn Island


Call of Duty: Warzone players have strong feelings about many aspects of the game, but perhaps the most fundamental divide is the map: are you an OG Verdansk operator, or do you prefer the busy playstyle of Respawn Island? Today’s major update will push the debate once again, along with an event called Rebirth Reinforced, which overhauls Rebirth Island’s layout, look, and adding new elements.

The update comes with a really interesting piece of map history that first appeared in COD: Black Ops II in the April 2013 Zombies DLC. At the time it was simply called Island Prison, a theme that continues to this day before becoming known as Alcatraz and later in Black Ops 4 – especially notable for the introduction of the battle royale mode Blackout COD, this is a trial run in Warzone, and it offers Alcatraz as one of the maps.

The history details the points of interest for the map, and what was and wasn’t done in various iterations — a good explanation for why the developers made the changes they made. It gets pretty elaborate, but for example, the Prison Yard area on Respawn Island is always a bit like a death trap: wide open, no cover, and all around vantage points.

It might make sense in terms of how to design a real prison courtyard, but of course it’s a silly shooter. So now the yard has some cover and tents, a solid wall with guard stations, and a massive, multi-level wrap-around walkway that connects the water tower to the prison steps. All of this seems obvious, but I found the problem-solving process interesting, and it’s hard to remember what maps used to be like after playing with modded versions for years: so if you’re interested in the details in these changes, The history of the map is well worth reading.

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Rebirth Island’s… Rebirth comes with an event that sees the community get kills to unlock the island’s weapons trading post and whiplash for XP. There will be three more such events, each of which will unlock additional map features, including communication stations, ATVs, and golden vaults full of loot.

After all this excitement, Activision also announced that it will be adding Snoop Dogg as an in-game operator. This isn’t his first: the rapper has previously recorded voice packs for COD Ghosts. Yes, the press release comes with a quote.

“DO Double G is back in Call of Duty, and this time I’m in this crazy game! So excited to be working with the COD team to bring you some flying features. It’s awesome…you guys can be like I play the same, get these sick stuff with Snoop written all over it. Check it out.”

Snoop Dogg is dressed in a gold embroidered suit and holds a gold-plated diamond-studded SMG, which has a “mini-concert” death effect and somehow becomes “more gorgeous” when you kill other players. He also recorded new lines for it. I can’t wait, but unfortunately have to wait: The Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle will be out on April 19th, and he’s got his own Operator progression track, alternate outfits, and various other rewards. You can read more about all this here.

(Image credit: Activision)

Warzone may not be making the mainstream headlines it used to be, but the game and the wider series are still absolute juggernauts. The latest narrowing news on COD is that after Vanguard’s disappointing reception, the mainline series will “skip” 2023: This year’s entry, the Infinity Ward Modern Warfare sequel, is still on track (and will get two years of support to fill in) blank).

So 2023 will be all about Warzone’s sequel, which will be free-to-play again and developed by Infinity Ward: Big Hook is reportedly a new “sandbox” mode. It also inevitably has Snoop Dogg one day.

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