Weekly updates to GTA Online add a new contract motorcycle

Weekly updates to GTA Online add a new contract motorcycle

The weekly reset day in GTA Online has arrived. Every Thursday, Rockstar Games updates the online game with new goodies, discounts and challenges. The official synopsis will appear on the newswire later in the day, although content updates are already live. So GTA Online players have been thinking about seeing what’s new.

We’re still steadily rolling out new cars from contract updates, and this week was no exception. The Western Reever motorcycle is now on sale at Legendary Motorsport for an in-game price of $1,900,000. If you like your bike, this bike looks a bit like an Arch Method 143. Western Reever is already featured in The Contract’s story missions, so you might find it to look familiar.

And that’s not everything that happened this week. The GTA podium vehicle is the Infernus Classic, and the GTA Prize Ride is the Comet S2, where you can finish first in the chase for three days in a row. If you’re looking to raise some extra money this week, you can get double the in-game cash and experience in Transforming Matches, Turner Contracts, and Sumo Versus Mode.

Here are all the discounts:

30% discount
– Astro ($1,106,000)
– Vectre ($1,249,500 – $937,125)
– Cypher ($1,085,000 – $813,750)
– Gauntlet Classic Custom ($570,500)
– Besla ($805,000)

25% discount
– Cyclone ($1,417,500)
– Wagner ($1,151,250)

20% off
– Cactus Custom ($496,000)#GTAOnline

— Tez2 (@TezFunz2) February 3, 2022

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