What can I use to access my computer remotely?

What can I use to access my computer remotely?

What can I use to access my computer remotely?


In the past, if you needed to access your computer remotely, you needed to use the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol with port forwarding enabled in your router. The process isn’t exactly user-friendly. After testing several remote control options, we think TeamViewer is a success in terms of features, security, and price (free).

How can I play around with router settings?

The problem with using Remote Desktop to access your computer from outside the network is that it requires specific ports to be forwarded so that your computer can be accessed. This exposes your computer to potential attacks. With Team Viewer, no port forwarding or special configuration is required. The connection is performed through TeamViewer’s server. Team Viewer also offers two-factor authentication, making it more secure than RDP. You can view the full feature set here.

I used to use LogMeIn, but the company no longer offers a free version, which is unfortunate because it’s such a good service.

The ability to access files remotely only works if your machine can access it. Usually, if you want remote access, you need to power on your machine before leaving home. When you need to access files in an emergency, chances are you didn’t think to turn on the machine hours in advance.

With RDP, this is an unavoidable problem; Team Viewer offers a service called “Wake-on-LAN” that allows you to power on machines remotely. You don’t even need to use another PC, your computer can also be booted from your mobile device.The only requirement is that there needs to be another machine on the network with TeamViewer installed and open when you need it
Turn on the machine that is turned off.

“Wake-on-LAN has an important limitation, the device needs to be hardwired to receive power-on commands through Team Viewer. Wireless connections are not available until your computer is already running. Obviously, your computer also needs to be plugged in.

Team Viewer isn’t the only multi-platform option for remote access. While other options like TigerVNC get the job done, they lack the UI of Team Viewer and some of the biggest features like “Wake-On-LAN”. You can get the latest version of Team Viewer for your preferred platform here.

What about VNC?

VNC functions much like RDP. You need to set the port on your router and always need to know what your public IP is. TeamViewer can be accessed from anywhere over any connection and doesn’t require you to know what your IP is – useful when your ISP regularly changes your broadband connection.

What about Chrome Remote Desktop?

Update: Many commenters have pointed out that Chrome Remote Desktop is a good option for those who use Chrome as the primary browser on their device, and I think it will be a lot of people. It’s a lightweight browser extension that does most of the basic functionality that TeamViewer can do, it’s free, and it’s fast.

Unfortunately, it apparently only works with Chrome, so if you’re using Firefox or something, it won’t work. Also, several recent reviews suggest that people are having trouble using it on their phones.

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