Where is the P216 keycard to?

The P216 key card unlocks the door on Parking level two and so on. Upon entering the room you’ll find a selection of loot boxes behind them.

Likewise, Can you still get Enigma blueprint? Players trying to pick up Warzone Easter Egg blueprints have found out that they can no longer be unlocked.

What’s the access code for stadium? For this instance, the code turned out to be “3265547.” You’ll need to make your way to the locked room to use your Stadium access code, and it’s located on the top floor. You should find the keypad across the door that you unlocked with the EL21 keycard, marked with green on the following screenshot.

Consequently, What bunker is P2 16? The P2-16 office door is located at the bottom of the parking garage allowing you into the server room with plenty of loot and a PC. In each server room, a code will appear on the PC when interacted with – it’s important to note these down as they are necessary to complete the easter egg.

How do you get to the vault in Warzone?

Here are vault opening steps in brief:

  1. Complete one of three side missions in Nakatomi Plaza to acquire a Keycard.
  2. Visit Floor 31 of Nakatomi Plaza.
  3. Use the Keycard to open the Vault, and again on a deposit box for additional rewards.

How do you unlock an Amax enigma?

What gun is the enigma in Warzone? How To Unlock To unlock the Secret “Enigma” Blueprint you must complete the Stadium Easter Egg in COD Warzone and pick up the CR-56 AMAX from the table.

Is the enigma good Warzone?

How do you open the door in stadium Warzone?

Interact With Computers To Open The Last Door

The last door is found on the 2nd level of the Stadium & requires you to input a passcode. The passcode can only be obtained by opening one of the three locked doors, accessing the computer, and jotting down the code displayed.

How do you open a stadium room? How to open Stadium’s locked rooms in Warzone

  1. Make your way to the Verdansk Stadium POI in Warzone.
  2. Search all levels of the Stadium for these keycards.
  3. After finding one of the cards, go to the corresponding door, as seen with the codes above.
  4. Once you find the door, simply interact with the keypad to open the room.

How do you open the stadium bunker in Warzone?

To open a Bunker, all you need to do is acquire a Keycard, then Interact with the keypad to the side of a Bunker door. This Bunker loot comes in the form of multiple large Cash drops and several Legendary crates containing valuable gear, weaponry, and other loot.

Do the blue Access cards disappear? Another important thing to note is that the cards will despawn after a while if they aren’t collected. For instance, we were standing right next to a card but never picked it up. After a few minutes, it disappeared. It’s unclear if it respawns elsewhere or if it’s gone for good.

Where are the blue cards in stadium?

What is Bunker code?

The Warzone bunker codes are:

  • Prison – 72948531.
  • Farmland – 49285163.
  • South Junkyard – 97264138.
  • North Junkyard – 87624851.
  • Park (nuke) – 60274513.
  • TV Station – 27495810.

What floor is the vault in downtown? Nakatomi Plaza has appeared in Downtown, and not only is the the tallest building to ever stand in the Warzone map, word on the street is that there’s a cool $100,000 stashed inside. The vault is located on the 31st Floor and it contains three safety deposit boxes that each require their own key.

How do I unlock Plaza security? When you reach inside the Vault successfully, search the safety deposit box and open it using ‘Keycard’, you will have a contraband contract drops and complete it. Finally, once completed, you will be able to unlock the Nakatomi Plaza Security Blueprint, an Assault Rifle.

Can you buy Amax blueprint?

How to unlock the AMAX in Warzone. The CR-56 AMAX can be acquired by purchasing shop blueprints or through an in-game challenge that will sound rather straightforward if you’re used to this weapon category.

How do you get the enigma blueprint in Warzone 2021? The Enigma blueprint could be obtained by completing the Stadium Easter Egg in the game. The CR-56 AMAX “Enigma” blueprint was one of the most sought blueprints in the game back in the game.

Can you unlock Amax with Blueprint?

How do you do a stadium bunker? This bunker is found in the lowest level of the stadium. Travel to the northern part of the stadium and descend further down, the door can be found behind the ramp. Head there by using the parking level of the stadium as it’s safer than traversing via the upper levels.

What is the 8 digit code for stadium?

To gain the eight-digit access code to the stadium in COD: Warzone players need to find all three keycards for doors EL21(Top, Executive Level), P216(Parking level), and CL19(Middle, concourse level). These keycards can be extremely tricky to find as they spawn across the stadium in the form of random loot.

Can you still get the Amax blueprint? Yes, if one of the squad member picks up the blueprint, every member of the squad will get the blueprint just like the blueprint obtained during the Bunker 11 easter egg.

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