Where to Find Seven Fortnite Outposts

Where to Find Seven Fortnite Outposts

Wondering where to find Fortnite’s seven outposts? We’ve just completed the season challenges for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and some of the missions are a little more complicated than you might first think. However, the rewards are substantial, as each mission gives you a ton of experience, which you can use to complete the Battle Pass and unlock its Fortnite skin and some free Fortnite V-bucks.

Visiting the seven outposts is one of the steps to unlocking the Foundation skin, but there are many other reasons to visit these areas during a match. For example, a season challenge requires you to use the Rift Generator at three different seven outposts. Rifts are suspended shapes found near the generators on the edge of each seven outposts, and you just need to build a small ramp to access them.

One of the story missions also requires you to visit seven outposts in order to deliver the data disks you get from slain IO wards to the drop zone. Previous missions included discovering Fortnite equipment and destroying Fortnite signal jammers, and like those, you’ll need to complete new missions within a match. However, this can be tricky as other players may ambush you. To help, we have a map showing the locations of all of the Fortnite Seven Outposts below.

Fortnite Seven Outposts

Quite fittingly, there are seven Fortnite Seven Outposts in total. Each has a rift generator and a drop zone to help you through multiple challenges. However, be aware that while the Sanctuary is also a 7 base, it’s not where you’ll find the rift generator.

Here are all seven Outpost locations in Fortnite:

  • on top of a mountain in the northwest deadlock lumber mill
  • The coast near the northeast corner of the map, near daily horn
  • southwest Coney Crossroads by the lakeside
  • on the southern islands east of the archipelago refuge
  • the South Apartment Canyon
  • southwest greasy grove
  • river near the north camping hug

These are all seven outpost locations where you can find drop zones and teleport using rift generators. For more on Chapter 3 Season 1, check out our guide to how the Fortnite Victory Crown works and how to swipe through Fortnite.

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