Windows 10 can take 8 hours to update your gaming PC

Windows 10 can take 8 hours to update your gaming PC


Windows 10 won’t update on some PCs and laptops, but the reason may actually be more annoying than the scheduler we all hate. After investigating why some devices were not properly patched, Microsoft said it may take up to eight hours for your system to reach a “fully up-to-date” state.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t be a full workday without a lunch break. David Guyer, manager of Windows Updates in Endpoint Manager, explained in a blog post that you need “at least two consecutive hours” and then “six hours in total” to successfully download and install patches in the background.

Overall, this is known as the “minimum update connection measure,” and according to Guyer, about 50 percent of outdated devices don’t clock the necessary time to get them up to speed. In fact, 25 percent of devices running service-release operating systems are still more than 60 days behind on security updates.

This may not be a huge problem for gaming PCs, as gaming sessions tend to last for hours at a time, but it does mean you need to be more attentive when delaying updates.

The easiest solution is to leave your device on overnight at times that aren’t socially appropriate so it doesn’t interrupt work or play. However, you need to first check that your power management settings are not too strict, otherwise your PC hibernation may interrupt the update.

If you’ve switched to Windows 11, the good news is that updates are up to 40% smaller in size thanks to improved compression, which greatly reduces this problem.

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