WW2 RTS Steel Division 2 has a new Italian liberation DLC

WW2 RTS Steel Division 2 has a new Italian liberation DLC


French developer Eugen Systems has been busy lately launching an early access version of the new Cold War-era RTS Warno, but that doesn’t mean it has moved on from its recent WW2 game, Steel Division 2. A new historical expansion pack has been released today, and it pays homage to the Italian campaign, and it includes eight new divisions and over 300 new individual units.

The tribute to the liberation of Italy includes historical units that participated in the Italian campaign, especially in the northern region of Rome in 1944. The Axis forces in the pack included 5. Gebirgsjäger Mountain Troop, 4. Fallschirmjäger, 26. Panzerdivision and the Italian Nationalist 4a Divisione Alpini “Monterosa”.

On the Allied side, the package added the 6th South African Armored Division, the 8th Indian (Infantry) Division, and Task Force 45—a single, short-lived formation composed of Japanese-Americans and Brazilian rebels. – Aircraft artillery, reassigned as infantry in theater of operations, who use anti-aircraft guns as temporary patrol and close support weapons.

These units will be able to deploy around 300 new units, including 4 new aircraft models, 22 new vehicle models, new infantry squads and numerous variants.

It should be noted that this expansion does not include a new Army General campaign, but future DLC is currently adding new dynamic campaigns for the “near future”.

Tribute to the Italian Liberation DLC is now available on Steam for $19.99 / £17.49.

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