Xbox Restock Tracker Update: Check Out Stock at Best Buy, GameStop, and More

Xbox Series X still available at Walmart a week after launch

Xbox Series X still available at Walmart a week after launch

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We’re tracking Xbox Series X and Series S restocks at major retailers.

While the Xbox Series X isn’t available at all major retailers, in some cases we’re starting to see stock lasting hours or even days. E.g, The Xbox Series X is still in stock at Walmart As of this writing, it’s about a week after it went live — you don’t even have to be a Walmart+ member to buy it. The Series X has been in and out of Walmart, but every time it sells out, Walmart is quick to update its inventory. If you’re looking for the Xbox Series S, it’s available year-round, and we’ve even seen some discounts and bundles — most recently at Newegg.

We’ll continue to update this article every time a restock comes along. We recommend bookmarking this page and checking it often. Standalone X-Series restocks tend to still sell out within minutes, but bundles usually last a bit longer. Sometimes, Series X|S is available through Xbox All Access, a purchase agreement that lets you pay for a console and Game Pass subscription in monthly installments ($35 for Series X, $25 for Series S).

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Recent Xbox Series X Restocks

You can find the latest Xbox Series X restock dates.

  • Walmart: March 16
  • Best Buy: February 22
  • Microsoft Store: October 28
  • Target: February 10
  • Amazon: December 30
  • Play Station: February 21
  • Anton Lin: March 3
  • Costco: March 16 Lists and Recommendations

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