You can finally drive a Fortnite tank

You can finally drive a Fortnite tank


Now you can be a bus driver and maybe even get a thank you because the Fortnite battle bus is finally drivable. The armored battle bus was implemented today, and while you can’t get it to fly in the air to throw 100 players into a battle royale game, you can drive it through tons of ground obstacles and utilize some powerful weapons.

“The armored fighting vehicle is fully constructed and ready to operate at the Sanctuary and Synapse Station,” Epic said Twitter“Be sure to thank your bus driver” doesn’t have the usual balloons, but has a mean-looking steel plow out front, perfect for knocking down any obstacle that dares to slow you down.

Players have invested The armored fighting vehicle passed its destructive stride, it seemed to smash trees and buildings effortlessly. There is a large-caliber, slow-firing anti-armour weapon in the front, and a revolving machine gun in the rear that fires fast but can overheat if overused. There are also four seats on top for riders.

Between the driver, two gunmen and four riders, it’s a seven-passenger vehicle – enough for some pretty intense shenanigans in a race.

How to play “Armored Fighting Vehicle”🔥🔥

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) March 24, 2022

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