You can play Raiders similar to Dieselpunk Tarkov in WASD

You can play Raiders similar to Dieselpunk Tarkov in WASD


There are plenty of games for you to try next month at WASD in London’s Tobacco Docks. One of those games from Team17 made headlines over the past week.

Marauders is a brand new Escape from Tarkov style survival FPS game set in space. You and a crew of up to three players start on a ship and go from there.You can fight hostile spaceships, dock at facilities to find loot, or become that player Those who were waiting near the end raided to steal their loot. After the battle, you can head to the extraction point with your hard-earned or stolen rewards. It’s had some solid grounding so far, and after playing the Marauders alpha, we can’t wait to see how it goes during this year’s Steam Early Access.

Lead designer Cameron Small told us that pillagers may get a battle pass system, though the team is keen to avoid using XP doors to turn players off. Cameron also rejected the idea that the Battle Pass would confuse the game’s storytelling. That’s not to say Marauders is a story-based game, although Cameron says it’s like DayZ where you can get lost in the story you’re telling.

Cameron also spoke to our sister site, The Loadout, about the Fear game about AI behavior and how Marauders are more in space than Escape From Tarkov.

WASD will take place at London’s Tobacco Docks from April 7-9. The floor space has already sold out and includes Marauders publisher Team17 as well as other big names like Sega and Devolver Digital. You can check out our WASD landing page for more coverage or go to WASD’s official website to buy tickets.

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