You don’t need Steam to play Valve’s free Steam games

You don’t need Steam to play Valve’s free Steam games


Valve has already released a console, so I guess it would be right for the company to release a video game to go along with it. Aperture Desk Job was announced last week along with the Steam Deck release date, and today you can play it yourself. It’s also free, so if you like the lore and comedy of Portal’s setting, you need to check it out.

While Aperture Desk Job is designed to introduce the capabilities of the Steam platform, you don’t actually need the machine itself to play it – just a controller. Some bits can use features like microphone, touchscreen, or gyroscope control, but there are some neat concessions if you’re using the standard controller.

Aperture Desk Lab is about 30 minutes long – a bit fleshier than Valve’s previous Aperture Hand Lab demo, but nowhere near a full game. However, this is the most in-depth look at Aperture Science we’ve done in years, and Valve’s sense of dialogue and comedic timing remains the best in the business.

Head over to Steam to see the Aperture Desk Job for yourself.

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