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Axiom Edge 2 comments

Axiom Edge 2 comments


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What is it? An open platform game, set in an intricate alien environment.
Expect to pay 20 dollars
Developer Thomas Harp Games LLC
Publisher Thomas Harp Games LLC
Review date Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060
multiplayer game? not any
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I still remember the last time I was excited about Galactic Castlevania. This is Axiom Verge, this game is more inspired by the original Metroid rather than the other half of the equation, Symphony of the Night. Like Metroid, Axiom is set in a dark, mysterious world that is particularly open to investigation, thanks in part to a device called Axiom Disruptor. This is a gun that allows you to “invade” certain parts of the game world, turning enemies into friends or clearing malfunctioning obstacles.Don’t mind it’s really another kind of disguised key, this type is stuffed with obvious and concealed locks, it gives illusion Let the player rebelliously mess with the game code.

I mentioned Disruptor-an iconic element of the original game-because it is not in this bold sequel, replaced by a similar hacking tool, which may be more versatile, but less exciting to use. It symbolizes that this game has changed almost every aspect of its predecessor, while still retaining its soul in some way.

Once again, you play as a human being transported to an alien world: a land full of killer drones where two civilizations fought a devastating war. This is a philosophical story involving artificial intelligence and the theory of multiple worlds, but it may be difficult to understand when told so easily. The heavier meditation was entrusted to collectible documents, which did fill in many gaps.

(Image source: Thomas Happ Games)

The storytelling is so restrained that it doesn’t even tell you who you are or why you came to Antarctica-or what I thought before I discovered the introduction sequence, it only plays when you don’t press anything on the main menu. By the way, you are billionaire CEO Indra Chaudhari, and she is called to Antarctica-eventually an alien world-to find her daughter.

Close combat is fine.It’s good enough, if it’s a little worse than the bullet noise in the previous game

Axiom Verge is mainly underground-full of bright black backgrounds and pulsating alien flora and fungi-its sequel is set in a more traditional main world. Its background hints at the vast space outside the 2D gaming area, and even its underground has been rendered in more detail. If the original work evokes Metroid’s fear of underground, then Axiom Verge 2 is more inclined to the Symphony side, providing a gorgeous, detailed environment that is still worthy of you to crack and cut your way.

Please note that I did not say “shooting”. Many of the original guns have been completely removed, leaving only melee weapons and Zelda-style boomerangs. This is a huge change-imagine Samus swapping her arm cannon for an ice axe and a bit of wood-but fortunately, close combat is good. It is good enough, if it is slightly worse than the bullet noise of the previous game.

(Image source: Thomas Happ Games)

There are just as many battles here, with one key exception: there are no boss battles in Axiom Verge 2. Oh, there is a perfunctory final battle, and some optional fragments for unique enemies. But there is no closed Boss arena-not including two encounters with villains-and there is no huge health bar that can be reduced before you improve. Axiom Verge 2 does not want to interrupt the exploration process. As someone who is afraid of the boss in Hollow Knight, it is for this reason that I am very supportive of this change.

In a game full of various enemies, it feels strange that the battle is understated, but it’s only because the exploration has been so majorly reworked. The newly enriched world contains several different biomes, connected in a more organic way than its boxy predecessor. However, its outstanding feature is actually borrowed from The Legend of Zelda: there is another world parallel to this world.

You have seen this feature in the game before, maybe in other Metroid Castlevania, where the two dimensions are just re-skinned versions of each other. This is not the case here. The Breach is a separate map-above or below the main map-but the layout is very different, and Frantically Different visual styles: ultra-low resolution and a palette that has never been seen since sci-fi in the 70s.

(Image source: Thomas Happ Games)

The unexplored part of the map is actually a roundabout navigation puzzle

In the narrower environment of Breach, you can control the cute drone assistant, slam enemies and avoid traps, while listening to a synthetic avant-garde rock cover version of an already extraordinary soundtrack. This is an intoxicating place, in sharp contrast to the more grounded nature of the main world.

The Breach really opens up the game, especially when you get more freedom when you travel between worlds. Axiom Verge 2-more so than its predecessor-is a game in which the unexplored parts of the map are actually circuitous navigation puzzles. What kind of ability do I need here, and from which part of the map should I approach this obstacle? Can I even get around this barrier, or should I come back later? Finding a solution is usually more satisfying than finding any trinkets waiting as a reward, because you are entrusted to discover it yourself.

Sometimes the game may be more tolerant. Several platform jumps eventually succeeded, and fortunately, I made about ten failed attempts when I wrestled with the most clumsy grappling hook in the world. Unless there are abilities I missed (and I managed to explore most of the map and finish the game without it), these six jumps do require ruthless, almost pixel-perfect precision, in a different way the match of.

(Image source: Thomas Happ Games)

I should probably also mention that I was completely stuck at some point-like I did in the first game-but here I spent less time figuring out my way out. Almost from the beginning, you can stretch in multiple directions and rest your head against multiple brick walls. However, this sequel is better at providing guidance. There is a new on-screen compass that can provide (reassuringly fuzzy) help, but it’s also easier to position yourself in these more organic worlds.

I can’t decide if it is better one Game-This is of course a very different and more ambitious game. Axiom Verge 2 builds on its predecessor, as well as “Symphony of the Night” and “Relation to the Past”, creating a beautiful and complex space for exploration.

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