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Circuit Superstar Review

Circuit Superstar Review


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What is it? Isometric racer with real sim stamp.
Expect to pay 20 USD/15 GBP
release October 12
Developer Original Fire Game
Publisher Square Enix Collective
Review date i7 9700K, RTX 1080 TI, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? Up to 12 players
Associate Official website

In the time it takes to read this sentence, 17.3 game developers will try but fail to accomplish what Circuit Superstars does: the mix of arcade and simulation racing feels rich, not both. Admittedly, this is a fairly long sentence. Nevertheless, the problem still exists.

Every press release of a racing game since 1997 promises the perfect combination of arcade accessibility and depth of simulation, and rewards continuous effort through gradual mastery. When we see it, we react like a dog hears a high pitch The same because no one Actually Pull it down. Not really. In addition to the Vancouver-based Original Fire Games, it debuted under the Square Enix Collective independent game plan.

If you are a veteran of many cross-legged micro-machine activities since the 16-bit era, or to be honest, if you have just seen screenshots and timed the isometric camera, then you have mastered the way it feels to drive. Before your first race, the subtleties of those cute little cars are not obvious. Fast forward here is about picking and working on the perfect racing line, keeping all inputs flowing, and maintaining momentum, just like James May’s M&S Autograph suit jacket after walking too close during the Grand Tour.

(Image source: Square Enix)

I go back to it every day and I find some new ways to unlock more speed. A micro-revelation that makes me want to experience every racing series again-twelve, since you asked. I was surprised to find that this is my favorite racing game for many years.

As the number of laps progresses, the rubber of the tire will move upwards, revealing thick tar-like stripes on the newly laid tires, where extra grip and lap time can be found. Conversely, in the event that the tire angle is activated, unless you focus your driving style on modulating throttle and minimum steering under throttle or braking, you will lose speed at an alarming rate. Another part of your brain is still focused on fuel, wondering if you can lift and slide to the end, or if you need to pit. In a game that looks like this, remember.

I was surprised to find that this is my favorite racing game for many years

Original Fire has found a track design style that is excellent in terms of camera perspective and vehicle physics, and has long-term challenges in its 12 tracks (a total of 18 layout changes). Fully master the lines to perform well online, and fine-tune muscle memory to find the perfect time trial leaderboard.

This is an independent and independent debut, and you can forgive its light online offer. Nevertheless, it’s a shame that even if you use the online lobby function to allow you to party as four, you still have to compete with up to 8 strangers in the public lobby, and you cannot create an event type from scratch. Since the game was first launched in Early Access in March, the community has certainly expressed a desire for some additional control over lobby creation, but when the server found that someone was waiting for our party, we were still forced to face the danger of strangers.

(Image source: Square Enix)

To make matters worse, I found that some games fell behind to the point of being uncompetitive. The slowest connection on the server seems to be a drag on everyone’s ping, and it can be heartbreaking if you run away before the first corner and find that you have not actually entered the first corner.

This is not to say that those strangers are bad guys, you know. Partly because of the ruthless collision physics, and perhaps partly because of the jovial atmosphere inherent in the small car games in the Aardman Animation scenes, they are usually sporty-each lap is about three seconds faster than you. After all, Early Access did launch in March.

The game itself is quite laissez-faire about racing behavior. There is a short time penalty when cutting into the corner. You can see exactly how many cuttings constitute the penalty by looking at the markers outside the apex. There will be no penalties for contact except for the time lost by both parties inevitably going off track by playing stupid guys. It may not always feel fair, but which online racer did it? At least, its ethnic grouping is clear and consistent.

When offline, the car takes on a different look. Artificial intelligence drivers are always better out of trouble than you and your obviously feathery car, so it is your responsibility to find clean overtaking opportunities and perform well in most qualifying hot lap races before the race.

(Image source: Square Enix)

The strange thing is that there is no intermediate series save function in offline matches, so a late series consisting of five games with more than 10 laps must be played in one session. The community has also been asking for this feature, but their collective prayers have not yet been answered. It’s not like asking someone to drive F1 2021 for one season, but it’s still an inconvenience.

Original Fire Games has a truly powerful talent

Without the usual career mode that we are used to from modern racers, the long-form proposition here defeats the increasingly ruthless artificial intelligence in each series, mastering twelve different control models in the process. With the innocence of a newborn baby, I chose the Superstar AI difficulty in the debut of the Picino Cup. In the first three minutes of my career, I was circled. Fortunately for them, they have such a natural speed, because their car still has many shortcomings.

They can make mistakes independently of your driving, resulting in a buildup that you can use or collect. This is a good thing. But considering their physical characteristics similar to tanks, these AI errors will also cost you a lot of desperate time and cost your victory. So, single-player matches are best viewed as a training aid for clean online behaviors.

If you ask me, and you have already asked, then there has been a real and powerful talent in Original Fire Games. Somehow, using some cute little cars, from the camera perspective of the arcade of yesteryear and surprising simulation games, in contrast, it makes a full-scale racing simulation game feel a bit like doing tax returns.

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