Fights in Tight Spaces

Commentary on fighting in a small space

Commentary on fighting in a small space

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What is it? A turn-based roguelike that focuses on intense close combat.
Expect to pay USD 25 / GBP 19.49
Developer Earth shattered
Publisher Mode 7
Review date NVIDIA GTX 970, Intel I5-4460, 32GB RAM
multiplayer game? No
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Bumping the head of an armed mob against the wall and launching his partner from the three-story window. This does not sound particularly strategic on paper, but a small-scale turn-based battle in a small space. The battle turns even the simplest enemy encounters into complex puzzle boxes, and the only solution is your fist. Although its Roguelike decoration sometimes detracts from the overall experience, in the brilliant display of movie violence, the unforgettable moments where everything comes together always shine.

Stepping into the shoes carefully polished by Agent 11, the super spy’s mission is to fight against international criminal syndicates. The basic plot of the game is nothing more than a set loosely stringing together five independent worlds in which the action takes place. Divided into a series of semi-procedurally generated levels, each world allows you to move forward in many tightly closed locations from dense subway cars to compact office corridors. The influence of Hollywood is obvious, and it is undoubtedly exciting to try to recreate some iconic movie moments, such as the opening bathroom quarrel in “Casino Royale” or the tea room shootout in “Boiling”.

Although all worlds are presented in the same fascinating minimalist style, each world manages to convey enough unique beauty to distinguish them unforgettable-this fact is due to the fact that a large number of waiting to be discovered Enemy design. In my first run, I ended up confronting a terrible machete-wielding prison chef, and then met a group of bloodthirsty ninjas. However, the variety of offerings meant that there were still many for each next game. surprise.

(Image source: Mode 7 game)

In addition to the obvious visual differences, late enemies can also be distinguished by their unique combat abilities. In the early days, new introductions were limited to basic gains, such as having slightly higher health or regeneration shields. But soon you will deal with the complex attack patterns of long-range firearms, or the enemy that can launch a sudden counterattack outside of the turn.

It is of course a good thing that things start slowly, because the battle itself is very deep. According to my experience, it can easily take a few hours of practice to master. The battle mainly revolves around improvisation. Each round allows you to use a set of selectable cards to deal with limited energy resources. These cards represent various attacks, dodges, blocks and actions. Each card has a specific energy consumption, which must be met to use it, and there are a large number of strategies to decipher the most effective way to consume energy on each hand.

On-screen indicators highlight predicted enemy movements to help you make decisions, which means you usually have to make difficult choices, either to dodge the attack or deal an extra blow to your opponent. This not only makes each confrontation give people an exhilarating feeling of cat and mouse, but also can use the enemy’s future actions for your benefit. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an unsuspecting grunt being pushed into a series of oncoming gunfire, when my plan of carefully arranging a group of enemies to slap each other in the face at the same time unfolds in a proper honor. , I am very happy Rube Goldberg fashion.

(Image source: Mode 7 game)

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an unsuspecting grunt being pushed into the oncoming gunfire

At the end of the round, your opponent has the opportunity to take action before randomly drawing six new hands from the deck. Once each card is played or discarded, the deck is shuffled and the process restarts. This core game loop seems simple at first glance, but with the addition of Momentum, it uses a value to measure the flow of battle. This value increases with each attack, but decreases with blocking or movement, adding an extra depth. Layer to overcome. Momentum can be independent of energy consumption and is mainly used for powerful special actions. Its function is very similar to the combination in more traditional fighting games, but it has a greater degree of control over the exact way and timing of the action.

Some cards also represent several types of damage. If you take too much damage, they will appear in your deck and slowly reduce your health. These can only be cleared after the battle is over. When confronting the heavy-hit enemies introduced in the late game, frequent use of dodge and block is vital to survival. The result is a combat system that is very easy to pick up and enjoy from the beginning—especially at a more forgiving low difficulty—but also has enough depth to maintain long-term interest in multiple games.

(Image source: Mode 7 game)

Emphasizing the core of repeated runs works well. With the gradual unlocking of new starting decks, even building up your own abilities can help create a solid sense of progress. For a few other roguelike elements of games, this is not the case. In particular, the reward goal of each mission can be completed to earn money, which becomes too difficult as the game progresses.

Sometimes, challenges like completing increasingly tricky levels in extremely small rounds seem to be completely impossible, and my limited success always depends more on the luck of the draw rather than any practical skills. To make matters worse, money is used for everything from instant card upgrades to replenishing health between battles, making it an important part of victory on higher difficulty. I quickly discovered that the most effective strategy is to focus on simple optional goals as early as possible to ensure that I have enough funds to upgrade when the challenge becomes difficult to complete, thereby disrupting the flow of the campaign. This is by no means a deal breaker, but this slightly random implementation of the in-game economy stands out in the exceptionally exquisite combat and clean visual effects.

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