Crowfall review

Crowfall review

Six years after its successful Kickstarter campaign, Crowfall has landed. MMO has established a lot of hope during its long development process. It is part of a strategy game, part of a “Game of Thrones” style of Throne War simulator. Just last year, its designer J Todd Coleman (Shadowbane became famous) claimed that it would become “the most strategic virtual world” when it was released, and even “surpass EVE Online.”

So let’s reset our expectations by saying that Crowfall did not meet those galactic goals. This is a guild-based PvP game with a focus on economy. You will create multiple characters that share your account name, and then quickly upgrade them so that they can become gears in the machine, helping your guild take a place in the permanent war of the throne. The campaign system is very new and the dynamics of the guild are also very attractive, but the world design and battle of Crowfall are not enough to make me interested in it.

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Integrate with the whole

need to know

What is it? A team-based PvP, siege technology and economy-centric MMO
Estimated payment: The cheapest version is $40
Developer: Crafts
Publisher: Crafts
Comment time: Ryzen 7 5800H, NVIDIA GeForce 3070, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game: Yes a lot of this

If you don’t join the guild, you will soon find yourself wandering in a low-return and basically empty entry area. Crowfall is not an MMO designed to do your own thing. It forces you to integrate into something bigger than yourself-adapt to it, and you can have a good time. If you fail, you will die of roaming player mobs and listless boredom.

In the guild, you need to play a specific role-professional craftsman, resource collector or respected escort pig, they are loaded with boulders, to prepare for the scheduled siege event. You will still be a warrior, priest, frostweave master, and any number of original and existing fantasy classes, but in Crowfall, it is equally important to find your favorite craft or form of manual labor.

Once you start making a new character, Crowfall’s fluffy cartoon aesthetics will immediately show up. Here, you have classic variants of elves, mythological tauren and centaur, as well as more bizarre races such as statue-like Stoneborn and Elken-you guessed it, they are humanoid deer. Although some races earn points for originality, the flat-textured character models lack the small details and exaggerated expressions that make World of Warcraft’s avatars so graceful. They end up looking a little flat and dim, like the drooling tribal clash mascots you see in unwanted mobile ads.

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The charming Guineans are an exception. They are a group of sturdy guinea pigs. They stand up their chests and put their hands on their hips, exuding a real “Let me by their side” atmosphere. I chose the Duelist course to make him an expert in dual wielding pistols.

Long before you participate in the huge PvP battle of Crowfall, you must sharpen your teeth in the God’s Reach starting world until level 25 (in the game, the hard level is capped at 35). The tutorial area is expected, but it takes more than eight hours to complete its long and painful task line here. In the process you will learn some important things, but too much of your time is spent on boring acquisition tasks for ungrateful and silent NPCs.

Before you reach the age of 25, you don’t have to worry about PvP or parties, but this will make the game world feel so empty without these elements. There are buildings and villages in the world, but there are no legendary tidbits, talkative NPCs or meaningful loot, and no spontaneous side missions in the wilderness to interrupt your exploration of the Crowfall land.

At least your time in this most purgatory tutorial has made you accustomed to fighting. This is your classic hotkey and cooling-based setting. By removing automatic attacks, adding “reflection” actions such as dodge and jumping, and implementing a manual positioning system on the traditional MMO tab positioning, it is more inclined to “action games” on the surface style.

But when dodge has a long cooling time, these technical details seem a bit arbitrary. Your only non-hotkey weapon attack is performed by holding down the mouse button, and hitboxes are very blurry. You can shoot the general airspace around the enemy and Still hit. The battle lacks the physicality we see in Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2 and even The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Broken world

After reaching level 25, you can go to the PvP wasteland of the original world, or jump into the “scum” world of the guild. But traveling between worlds is not that simple-it involves a lot of logouts, logins, and taking your character off their underwear.

Look, to go to the scum you have to deposit anything you want to take over in the bank, exit back to the game menu, spend some limited amount of imported tokens to move the items to your scum bank vault, log in to the scum bank, and then from the vault Retrieve these items. When moving to other worlds (such as the Eternal Kingdom), the same process applies-the world created by the player can be any world from the market to the guild hall or the PvP arena with custom rules.

All of this makes Crowfall feel fragmented-this feeling is exacerbated by the small number of players and the fact that all areas in the world are connected by portals rather than mountain passes or rivers. Every area also feels flat-dense forests in rugged hills, without spectacular geological terrain. This may be a side effect of the fact that most of the land was procedurally generated and disposable, and was destroyed at the end of the battle.

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This brings us into one of Crowfall’s more interesting systems. Every world exists for a limited period of time (between one month and one year). During that period of time, everyone will experience the seasons. Starting in spring, as players understand the distribution of the land, the map is shrouded in the fog of war, and then experiencing more and more dangerous seasons, which eventually leads to a catastrophe in the universe.

Your character survives, and guilds and factions that meet the victory conditions (mainly related to territorial occupation and PvP) are rewarded to continue to the next battle. But this world, along with all territorial ownership and guild politics, will die out. This is an original method to prevent PvP from stagnating, even if the dominant guild in the previous battle will inevitably quickly establish control over the new guild to a certain extent. To counteract this imbalance, there is an alliance system where smaller guilds can join larger guilds to share the spoils.

Die of dregs

Starting from level 25, you spend most of your time in PvP, so if you want to view the main content of the game, the first thing you should do is join a guild. After that, you can start to specialize your role.

After leveling up, you can alternate between improving basic attributes and choosing “talents” to increase the skill tree. There is plenty of room for experimentation. In addition to the usual combination of passive and active capabilities, you can also divide down two different sub-categories.

For example, priests are usually healers, but you can eventually turn them into radicals that cause harm, arbiter of crowd control, or crusaders that focus on healing. Then, at the end of the skill tree, you can further specialize and unlock various advanced abilities using “realms” such as death, shadows, and music. Meta-players and professional tinkers will appreciate the depth here, especially considering that the journey from tutorial to PvP endgame is extremely easy.

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Connect with the excellent PvE hunting team in Dregs, and you can go from level 25 to level 30 in just a few hours. PvE usually focuses on cleaning up villages or monster camps, and occasionally joins teams or raids on leaders. This simple loop is seasoned by hot spots (hot spots)-the highlighted areas, you can get XP boosts and better loot drops in a short time, and at the risk of being ambushed by enemy players to get the same rewards .

In Crowfall, the threat of PvP intervention always hangs over you, depending on the context, whether it is exciting or frustrating. This is great when your team fends off an ambush by an enemy team, and larger sieges are always explosive. On the other hand, when you are cutting down trees in a lonely place, being trampled and robbed by player mobs is hardly so fun. Fortunately, my brave Guinean duelist was able to dig holes underground and move without being spotted, which makes him very suitable for reconnaissance missions such as single-player harvesting and reconnaissance of nearby enemies.

The most important form of progress in Crowfall is “discipline.” These replaceable gems are divided into primary, secondary, and exploration (essentially crafting/harvesting), and their strength is defined in different rare forms. Craftsmen should spend a long time cutting trees or smashing stones in the wild to obtain their own harvest disciplines, while the main and secondary disciplines of combat will drop specific types of monsters-of course, after a lot of training.

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I appreciate being able to swap in and out of these combinations freely to find the most effective combination in specific situations, such as equipping disciplines to improve your ability to maintain and use catapults during siege, or to help you recover in rare situations The subject of health is playing solo.

Crowfall is at its best when you are a member of a well-organized guild (I was lucky to find it). Every piece of land in Crowfall is full of fortresses, fortresses, and outposts that need to be abandoned. Although outposts can be occupied at any time, fortresses and fortresses can only be contested at specific times and dates.

The battle surrounding these structures can be huge, although they do tend to boil down to those familiar PvP siege modes, which are frantically sending hotkeys to place overlapping circles of AoE capabilities around you. When you have more than 40 characters fighting each other on the screen, the bragging manual aiming system is almost negated, and it still feels like the MMO Siege World has not built on the groundbreaking foundation laid by Camelot in the Dark Age of 2001. Moving forward meaningfully.

Perhaps my favorite part of Crowfall is in the afterglow of occupying the fortress. There is an atmosphere of friendship, because everyone did their part to rebuild it; build a guild vault where players can store equipment for others to use, build rebirth and blessing statues, build walls and install trebuchets, And collect resources for the most important master craftsmen.

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The less-professional guild members, just like you really are, take on the tedious task of escorting the pigs loaded with resources back to the camp, but the skirmishes with rival guilds that have broken out in these areas show how important these pig mules are.

Then, as your new stronghold is unlocked for others to besiege, this friendship is mixed with the escalating suspense among your comrades. As long as you actively participate in the guild, all this will become very intoxicating.

For an MMO that is so rigorously designed around doing your part for the collective, there is something to say. Players who are ready to get stuck, have a lot of communication, and sometimes put their personal wishes aside for harvesting or roles designed for a well-balanced siege team are likely to be attracted by it.But outside of this bubble, when you are just looking for PvE thugs or for those rare subjects (you spend a lot of Time to do), the experience in its world is so thin that those of us who are not so hive-conscious will inevitably decline.

In the best case, Crowfall is a solid PvP MMO with a good throne war system and in-depth character development, but it is still light years away from the player-shaped EVE Online defeater it champions.

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